1. jeanfrank

    Need any advice for the banned account

    Hi guys, I just logged in my TikTok account now, it showed that my account violated the content policy of TikTok community guidelines. It's weird, I didn't know which rule of content policy I violated. They didn't tell me anything before banning my account, WTF! I only upload some car videos, I...
  2. onlinework

    Is this how Facebook really works? Page unpublished after several years of work

    Hi all! I used to have a pretty huge page that has been recently unpublished. No particular reason has been given. The strange part is that I got a restriction at first for posting stories for 3 days. After 6 hours the page has been completely unpublished. However, I have never posted a story at...
  3. beckham999

    Getting unbanned from Instagram for impersonating other person.

    Okay, so I've had this account for specific niche where, there were pictures of someone else. Username was fake "first and last name". After a yr, someone recognised said person (small U.S celebrity.. yeah dumb me) and reported & account got flagged and banned. For the appeal, instagram wants...
  4. Webbyte

    Unable to appeal on flagged FB accounts Unable to appeal on flagged FB accounts facing problems in all accounts. anyone facing? Is any other link available for appeal?
  5. H

    Instagram accout keeps getting disabled and enabled daily (bug?)

    I’ve got a big account, roughly 610k followers, and it was banned for 4 months. Got it back recently, but it keeps getting disabled after a few hours. I’ve tried the following things (which have not worked): Not posting anything (got banned after like 10 hours) Not doing any action at all...
  6. J

    Can't keep a Facebook account. Please help

    Hello. I made a post on ***** asking this question, and someone responded that I use this website. I have no idea what this site is, it honestly scares me, but I'm gonna give it a try, and if I get a bunch of people telling me "THIS ISN'T THE WEBSITE TO POST THIS SHIT, RETARD!" Then I'll be on...
  7. M

    I will pay someone to somehow unsuspend a twitter account

    I grew a twitter account that got disabled for pretty much no reason at all, (when I appealed they said that it was because I was in a retweet chain and that they won't bring it back, which isn't even true) but I've seen people bring accounts from twitter from the dead after years of disputes...
  8. D

    can i recover my disabled instagram account with facebook ads live support?

    my instagram account with 164k followers was disabled over a month ago for violating TOS. I heard that you can contact facebook with ads live support chat and they can unban your account (if you get lucky) but you need to spend $100 on ads to access it. Do you guys know if that's true?
  9. B

    Appealing A Ban

    I recently received a ban on a rented account & have no idea why. All I did was replicate an already approved ad set. The new ad was denied and the running ad was disapproved retroactively. I intended on running blackhat but didn't even make it that far I was still running warm up ads wasn't...
  10. J

    Amazon suspension HElP

    Hi Everyone, I need everyone’s help and advice please. Amazon suspended me so I wrote a very good professional appeal and attached some invoices. There is $7k in the account and now unless I can successfully appeal the decision they will withhold all money! I can not afford that. This is the...
  11. Marco Diversi

    AdWords and AdSense Suspended | Tip And Tricks?

    Hello, I have got AdWords and Adsense suspended almost 3 years ago now. I have appealed multiple times, probably around 30 times via email and even called Google offices in like 15 different countries. The last time when I was speaking with google switzerland I have almost cried to get it...
  12. Brian Alexander

    Sites hit with "Pure Spam" penalties. Which route do I go?

    So yesterday, my 2 main money sites got hit by a "Pure Spam" Google penalty. As you see, the traffic has been butchered on both sites around 12 o'clock yesterday: I signed up for Google Analytics and added one of the sites and see the dreadful message: My sites are the classic "fake...
  13. N

    Facebook Account Disable

    Hello,one of my fb account is disable ,is anyone here that can make an appeal or just fake id (because facebook has a fake name).
  14. J

    Facebook Page Unpublished Help!!! [URGENT]

    My page was recently unpublished for violating Facebook page terms and I recently submitted an appeal stating my case and apologizing. I have deleted all content off my page that I felt may have violated any policies. How long will it take to hear back from Facebook about the appeal and is there...
  15. R

    Facebook Warnings Experiences! [Urgent]

    Has anyone had an experience with violations on their Facebook page/account regarding nudity or other photo violatios? If so, what was your experience and what ended up happening? Please help if you have any knowledge on this topic!
  16. N

    Google Play Developer Account Appeal

    Has anyone got the Google Play Developer account terminated for multiple violations of copyright WHO actually won the appeal if you filed one out. All my stuff is not copyrighted. I would like to know from anyone who has won the appeal what you wrote down because I need my account reinstated.
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