1. seancoder

    XAMPP vs LAMP for Starters.

    Which one would you suggest for a newbie when starting out, XAMP or LAMP. I know there is the issue of low budget when starting out but I had much more luck and bumped into fewer issues with LAMP ? What would you suggest to a starter from your experience ?
  2. TooCorny

    Nginx or Apache & Best PHP Handler for Wordpress Sites

    Hello there guys, I am reading some documentation about nginx and apache on plesk forums and I see some contrary information about nginx and apache. Everybody says that nginx loads websites faster but on the other side some say that tapache might be better for wordpress to avoid...
  3. kurosaki4d

    Redirect pages of root folder to index and pages of subfolder to index of subfolder

    As the title says, i have the root directory that contains pages and i have another directory that it's called mobile. I would like the pages that are inside the root directory to be all redirected to index.php in root, as for the mobile directory i want all the pages inside it to be redirected...
  4. turquaze

    Curl Content Theft

    My Internet site opens and indexes in a different domain. I think Those who are using curl, because when I block access to my site IP addresses, the thief gives error about the field name curl. However, at certain intervals the same thing is done with different IP addresses On my Own site...
  5. B

    Can I do this.......

    Hi mates. I am planning to create an arcade gaming site with the following server requirements. ***PHP Version 5.2.4 or greater ***MySQL Version 5.0.0 or greater ***PHP Memory Limit (memory_limit) 64M or more ***Json support ON Can I create the site on nginx + Apache + opcache? If no...
  6. E

    Confusing about reverse and forward proxy(Apache)

    Hello , in my Wordpress website there are some embedded videos. Some visitors cannot watch as their ISP blocked the source of videos. I have read some articles about reverse and forward proxies but confused a bit. Which of the proxy type should i implement to allow users to watch embedded...
  7. D

    Need Java, Angular JS, Apache Solr and MySql Expert

    Working on a project that is half way done, but need help to finish it. Looking for reliable expert that can finish project by the deadline. Please PM or Skype for more details.
  8. amanwaa

    Nginx Vs Apache which is better for cPanel Hosting?

    I have been asked many times about this questions by our customers that what is differences between Nginx and Apache web servers and why cPanel doesn’t provide Nginx with their package and most of the third-party modules are not working properly for the same. At the time, these are two most...
  9. Elin Dotsya

    Raising Awareness For The Helisexual Community

    In this world of ever changing tastes and interests - I would like to bring something important to your attention. The reason why I never tell people my gender is because I haven't been able to summon the courage to express myself fully. I, Elin Dotsya, sexually identify as an attack...
  10. xNotch

    Help! php not working after reboot?

    Im currently trying to install open web analytics , on apache, using this tutorial and everything works great up until the point where I try to reboot the server after which instead of displaying the webpage my browsers trys to download the php file. Anyone have any ideas on what might cause this?
  11. P

    Serving Content Based On UTM tracking Code

    I have a content blog that I want to show different widgets(ads and links) and different content based on if a user comes to my site either organically, from native, from email, from social, etc. I was wondering what method would be the best way to go about this and if any effect it has on SEO...
  12. D

    Who can solve/automate this kind of captcha ?

    Who can solve/automate this kind of captcha ? The hotspot circles in the images change after each reload of the image their position. In addition, the captchas are valid only a few seconds. Hint: if you click on the wrong point, the captcha dissapears/ is completely hidden / and your...
  13. S

    Hire freelancer to edit and add stuff to Custom CMS from vldPersonals | 200-300$ to spend

    Hello! I got a budget of 200-300$ to spend on a programmer who can help me to fix both functions, layout and so text is in both english and swedish. 1. Need someone to add "Personal Ads" to my website "yournastylife.com" | The personal ads function should come from "bodycontact.com" 1.1...
  14. G

    Referring Url Change With Proxy

    I am trying to find someone that knows how to make the referring url read anything I want it to. From what I understand, this can be accomplished in a reverse proxy environment that way the headers can be modified. This is a bit to over my head but I was hoping to find someone that can help me...
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