Hire freelancer to edit and add stuff to Custom CMS from vldPersonals | 200-300$ to spend

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    I got a budget of 200-300$ to spend on a programmer who can help me to fix both functions, layout and so text is in both english and swedish.

    1. Need someone to add "Personal Ads" to my website "yournastylife.com" | The personal ads function should come from "bodycontact.com"

    1.1 Another programmer have added some part of the function but it's not completed and it need to be completed.

    2. Also some stuff that is in english need to be fixed so it shows in Swedish when a user choose Swedish Language.

    3. Register on Bodycontact.com and verify your e-mail adress. Think you have to wait 24 hours before you will get approved. After that check the function for "Personal ads / Contact ads" and how it works. It need to be implanted in my website.

    4. Here you can check the URL:

    I need to have exact same functions intregated to my website yournastylife.
    So you can create several Ads and layout need to look good!

    Let me know if you can do this and the time it will take.
    Also check and register at my website "yournastylife.com" and were you can implant those personal/contact ads.
    The website need to have same functions.

    I bought my website yournastylife from here:

    So it's custom CMS