alexa ranking

  1. F

    Need system/software for improving Alexa rank

    I need someone who researches to find the system/software/tricks that websites like alexarankboostup, improvealexaranking, rankstore, etc. use to improve Alexa rank of websites fast and from 999K to 1K and even without sending visible traffic. You can also let me know if you can make a software...
  2. Adilpro

    local ranking on Alexa

    Hi those last days I see a lot of links ranked locally (Morocco) in Alexa better than Youtube or Facebook or Avito. even if some of them are new created !! Is it a seo secret method ( free or paid) or just working on backlinks and keywords o_O ?!
  3. J

    Does Alexa ranking really counts

    I will to know how Alexa does its ranking. Because lots of friends have been complaining about their sites increased in traffic but no reflection on Alexa metrics
  4. Ekta Chauhan

    How can I decrease Alexa ranking for a website?

    Currently, i am doing Seo off-page tasks for a website. But the Alexa rank of the website is increasing rapidly. Please give me the solution to decrease the Alexa rank.
  5. A

    How to improve Alexa ranking

    Hi Guys Please help to improve alexa ranking of my site. Why my site alexa ranking countious droping please tell me .I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
  6. A

    Can you recommend any free tools or methods to boost your Alexa ranking?

    Hi, can you recommend any free tools or methods to boost your Alexa ranking? Is there an easy way to do that? I've read a lot of articles and they recommend to use social media or create quality content. But often it's difficult to create quality content EVERY day. So do you have any...
  7. I

    Alexa Rank Drop Fastest Way

    Fastest way to dropping Alexa rank i use AlexaHelper - just goog their site cause i am not allowed to post links. My rank drop from 14.000.000 ++ to 1.200.000 ++ within five days i use it. Just register on their site, add your site on the user panel. Then you have to download alexahelper...
  8. R

    My new blog - Daily Progress Report

    Hey guys, I am new on BHW and I've decided to share my Alexa ranking report and the number of visitors on a daily daily basis. Please guide me to get more visitors on my very first blog. Also let me know if I am doing good or not :) I will update this thread from tomorrow on wards :p
  9. P

    Alexa Traffic - How to Change the Traffic Source?

    Any free tool through which I can change Alexa traffic and Rankings? Reason is it shows that majority of traffic is coming from India, but in reality it's coming from USA. Like to change Indian Flag to USA Flag, is it possible?
  10. R

    Alexa ranking help !!

    Hi BHW Members, Pls help me in increasing the alexa ranking for a few websites .. I ve got to know in the forums that it is not gonna help in SERPs .. I ve got a deadline to meet for a website .. A distant friend of mine .. Pls help me on how to boost the ALEXA Ranking ,, I tried seeing the...

    Quick Site Ranking ?

    Now i have been making website for over 5 years now and i still don't understand ranking i just launch 3 sites over the last 2 months the first 2 drop ranking very slow like a few k a day now last week i launch another and the ranking drop 7 million in 2 days can anybody tell me why
  12. O

    Too Many manual backlinks building (linkbuilding) on blog posts...SEO Effect

    Hi folks, Guys, please I am really in a big trouble and I need your kind answers for this question and I really would be much grateful for taking a few minutes of your time answering my question becasue it means my all business with my customers! This question is intended for anyone who has...
  13. A

    What is Alexa Rank ?

    What exactly is Alexa rank ? what is its importance in SEO ? How is it different from Google page rank ?
  14. I

    Decrease the alexa ranking

    How to decrease the alexa ranking to my website? I want My Website Alexa Ranking Under 100,000 . Please suggest me...:1zhelp:
  15. J

    Speed up boost your alexa ranking

    Your Alexa ranking is very important, because it also effects how you are listed on the major search engines like as yahoo, google, bing and aol. If you have a good alexa ranking, you will be more friendly and get good search engine listing. THIS IS NO BOTS VISITORS, NO AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE...
  16. Infinity

    Need someone to boost my Alexa

    I need to increase Alexa ranking in 30 days to <1kk for 3 months, 5 URLS. All websites are around 3-4kk in Alexa. If you can do this please PM me.
  17. entreprenuer

    where the heck is((the alexa toolbar hack))?

    hey, I read somewhere on this forum that there was an alexa toolbar hack that dramatically increased your alexa ranking. It had something to do with the new alexa algorithm. Anyone know where to get this?
  18. X

    Anybody Know Any Free,Fast Trafiic Mthods

    I'm looking to get some real fast traffic....any ideas.
  19. X

    Ultimate Unique Hits Generator For Better Rankings

    Heres a pretty kool idea which I havn't tried,but would be a nice touch to get more unique clicks and get higher rankings.I've seen a few mouse clicking game scripts around that world be a nice/fun addon for your site and hopefully give you way more hits...Just an idea.
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