affiliate summit

  1. D

    Affiliate Summit West (Las Vegas) Who Is Going?

    Hey B-Hatters, Who is planning on crashing the west summit in Las Vegas next month? Ref:

    What conferences do you attend?

    We know there are other digital marketing & SEO events out there, like PubCon, Search Marketing Expo, etc. What conferences do you like to attend or are interested in attending in the future?
  3. M

    Yeah Another New Guy

    Just thought I would say hello after signing up. I think I am more of a "White Hat" with some "Black Hat" tendencies. I recently attended Affiliate West Summit in Las Vegas this past January. I left there educated, uplifted, motivated, inspired, and sleep deprived. I experienced information...
  4. H

    Affiliate Summit 2013 Las Vegas?

    Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas is approaching soon. Is there an official BHW meetup Thread out there? (i searched couldn't find one) Anyone Going?
  5. NoobGuru

    Who has actually went to Affiliate Summit?Please give reviews.

    I was searching for reviews about Affiliate summit and only found a couple online. I also found a lot of threads about people always talking about going but never seem to come back and leave a review about their experience for this expensive event.(all access tickets cost 2k this year) So for...
  6. P

    I'll be attending Affiliate Summit East in NYC - will you?

    Hi guys! As you know, I have started hanging out here to see what your thoughts are about payment systems and what's most important to you (fees, speed of payment, the company's backing, etc. I will be at Affiliate Summit in NYC in August and I would really love to meet any and all of you who...
  7. P

    Is anyone attending Affiliate Summit in NYC?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of y'all will be attending Affiliate Summit in NYC in August. Just wanted to get a feel of who's planning on being there. BTW, I'm not sure where to post this, so if an admin can move this to the appropriate section, I would appreciate it. I couldn't find a...
  8. D

    Anyone going to Affiliate Summit East (ASE)?

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone is going to ASE? This might be a good time to meet up and chat, maybe discuss JVs etc. I waited too late to buy an effing ticket and now they're sold out, but I live in NYC so even if I can't get in I'm in the area so I can still meet up with folks who wanna...
  9. K

    Free Silver Passes To Affiliate Summit West

    Free Silver Pass Reg $349 (Networking, expo hall, parties but not actual sessions) Code:COPYBLOGGERSILVER I just signed up and so did a buddy so the code is still working.
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