affiliate commision

  1. jacvzla

    What would you do with a team of 90 people almost Free? This is my case

    Hello everyone, I have been learning a lot from several marketers here for quite some time now. Love this forum. Straight to the point: I have a team of people in Venezuela (95 total) to whom I outsource several social media marketing gigs such as liking , commenting, Sharing, engaging in...
  2. Andrew Taylor

    Can you use multiple bank accounts on one clickbank account?

    Say i'm promoting three products on the same clickbank account and they are each making me $30,000 per month. Is there a way to add another bank account to the same clickbank account or am i only allowed just one bank account per each clickbank account?
  3. U

    How do i promote affiliate products and make people to buy them?

    Hi Guys! I'm a new affiliate and i m really struggling to make my first dollar online! I don't know what to do and what to not! I don't know how to promote them. Although i get clicks on my affiliate link but people don't buy them! And have seen a lot of videos on promoting affiliate links but...
  4. B

    Learn How To Start Your Own Business

    Are you tired of working for other people, and you just want to work for yourself. You've gotten up everyday, dragging yourself out of bed, because you really didn't want to go to work, but know you have to, just to keep providing for your family. You are not alone. There are alot of people that...
  5. J

    $140-$160 Proof Picture!And i am already up another $160 this week!

    Proof that i am making money from my MCA program! I am to collect it to my account this week friday! I made 140 which i though was 160 but still 140 for part-time is not that bad for the first week! Practically wake up and saw it there too! As you can see the other 2...
  6. BusinessSmack

    Looking for Anyone that has leads but needs affiliate program

    I can set up a site with stopping page or e-mail marketing campaign linked to the affiliate! Let me know if you can get plenty of targeted leads but need assistance with the affiliate part. I am think about affiliates geared toward dating or hot products already have domain for products and can...
  7. S

    Looking for Affiliates ,high commission rate

    Hey guys, i'm own a webstore that offers a large scale of cd keys and game time cards for PC/MAC, Xbox 360, Wii and PSN games. You can see the games and prices at our site code4game com. I'm looking for affiliates and we have affiliate program that free to join.If you are operating an online...
  8. S

    Looking for wordpress affliation

    Hi, Our current e-commerce website is run on WORDPRESS currently using a SHOPP plugin and we have use the affiliate plugin called WP Affiliate. However, since these two plugin aren't the same author, the capability is very limited. We would like to be able to provide commission based on...
  9. blackma

    Zippo Lighter Affiliate Program

    Hey guys, I need an invite to the Zippo Cash affiliate program located here. Was promoting zippos with Amazon but these guys claim to have better rates and wanted to check em out. Could anybody give me an invite please?
  10. A

    How to: Affiliate Marketing!

    Hello all, My employer assigned me a task to do affiliate marketing for her. She already have a website for this purpose. I have never even thought of this before. Can anyone please guide me through this? Or give me some tips to start working on it. I am really stuck and dont know from where...
  11. S

    JV-Partner to manage and grow established CPA offer

    If you have experience as an affiliate marketer and or an advertiser or affiliate manager then you are the person I am looking to JV with. I have an affiliate offer that pays out a huge percentage out on a per sale basis. The overhead to maintain the offer is little to none so almost all of the...
  12. A

    Gift Card Give Away to an Affiliate Program

    Hi, I'm looking for affiliates to join my business. I'm giving away free gift cards at them moment, to pay for your first month into my gdi business. If your interested let me know, i can't put email address here, for some reason it doesn't allow it. With gdi you can earn money for referring...
  13. A

    Making money from taking pictures?

    Is there any affiliate program pay per picture submitted...?
  14. B

    How to get a Higher Payout? Go through a Super Affiliate

    I?ve been an affiliate for 5 years, and the first two years were incredibly hard for me. There?s a plethora of information and theories out there, most of which is complete junk. Unfortunately, you don?t realize why its junk until you pass the newbie stage. Blackhatworld has its up and...
  15. S

    Affiliate network looking for various forms of traffic/marketers

    I am currently looking for affiliate marketers to drive traffic to various offers I have. We have offers in all verticals but we have a strong suite with edu offers. We accept all forms of traffic Email, Link-out, non-cash incentive, banner, search, PPC, Blog, interstitial, iframe, upsell...
  16. blackma

    I Need A Good Weed Affiliate Program that ships free to UK/Ireland

    Hey guys, I like weed. I want to sell the legal variety, you know the stuff you find in head shops. I have googled it, there are quite a few so...... To cut a long story short I was wondering if any of you guys have promoted this stuff and can recommend a trustworthy crowd to promote for...
  17. B

    I have an affiliate program how do I get people to sign up to it?

    I have a great affiliate program for an adult site. There are two options. Sign up as a life time earner and earn 30% of all customers spendings or Sign up as a first time only sale and earn 40% of the customers first time spending My dilema is where can i advertise my program.. its so hard...
  18. M

    Decent affiliate program

    I am not sure that I am able to post it here, so if this violates TOS admin or mods please remove it. If you are interested in one decent affiliate program (webhosting), please send me PM. Signup bonus 20.00EUR Earnings per sale are 20%. Up to 60.00? per sale.
  19. S

    Affilliate Marketing Legal Collections

    Last month I did roughly $15,000 worth of sales for an advertiser. Despite the fact that I had been driving traffic with a BH method the prior year they never had an issue with the traffic or making payments to me on a monthly basis. Out of no where they took issue with it this last month and...
  20. H

    Affiliate shaving

    I have a VERY STRONG feeling my affiliate manager is shaving a massively high percentage of my leads. Whenever I confront them over it they get very quiet and start avoiding me all of a sudden. I know I'm sending them sales because of the amount of people that enter through a converting keyword...
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