How to get a Higher Payout? Go through a Super Affiliate

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    I?ve been an affiliate for 5 years, and the first two years were incredibly hard for me.
    There?s a plethora of information and theories out there, most of which is complete junk.
    Unfortunately, you don?t realize why its junk until you pass the newbie stage.

    Blackhatworld has its up and down, but overall does a great job in allowing your mind to take ideas and spin them in your favor.
    The one thing that is not discussed much here is the concept of super affiliates.
    Now, I?m not talking about bringing in affiliates through your tracking code to get a piece of their commission, but rather the bigger picture.

    Here?s a real life example:

    My affiliate revenue all comes from the matchmaking industry.
    Generally, you sign up as an affiliate with a network.
    The real revenue is going direct with the advertiser.

    Does shaving occur?
    In some aspect, every advertiser shaves.
    You involve a network, advertisers will shave an even higher percent to offset the high amounts of fraud, and to cover additional costs to be on the network.

    Now, how do you negotiate a better commission rate with an advertiser?
    Let?s say the standard pay per sale percentage for affiliates is 60%.
    If you attempt to secure a higher rate, the advertiser will say ?you show us the volume, we can discuss it?.
    Well, that sucks for affiliates. I mean, why bring in volume at a lower percentage when you deserve more.
    Well, that?s where the concept of a super affiliate comes in.

    Did you know if an affiliate program has 10,000 affiliates, less than 1% of their affiliates attribute to 85% of their affiliate revenue?
    Now, don?t think like an affiliate, think like an advertiser. The advertiser will bend over backwards for the affiliates they consider to be in that 1%.
    Now imagine if you are at the top of that 1%, can you imagine the pull that ?super affiliate? has with the advertiser?

    The hardest part is finding that 1% (which I am for one specific program).
    What if I told you I can take your standard 60% and make it 85% instantly?
    That?s the power of a super affiliate, depending upon how strong his relationship is with the advertiser.

    Don?t forget, a brand has many aspects to the business that does not include affiliate marketing.
    That super affiliate, the smart ones that is, will be involved in other areas than affiliate marketing with the brand.

    To recap:
    1. Find a super affiliate for a brand that you are looking to promote (ideally you are already promoting in that space of for their competitors)

    2. Indicate what you are looking for. After all, a super affiliate does not have to deal with 10,000+ affiliates and lose you in the bunch

    Remember, it all comes down to relationships at the end of the day.
    The affiliate / advertiser relationship normally is one of distrust.
    However, an affiliate / super affiliate relationship is not.
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    so instead of a network you've got another affiliate in-between you and your money? seems like exactly the same thing to me..

    that and if someone is already making enough money to be in that 1%, why does he care about collecting a measly couple of % points off of some under-performing affiliate? This is the entire reason affiliate networks exist, to manage lots of affiliates who do lower volumes.

    All your doing here is making a super affiliate into a network manager. And his interests lie in his own campaigns, not in you growing yours. It's a nice concept and all, I just don't see it happening.
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    Instead of a network manager, look at it as a brand broker
    Similar to the way ATM processing or credit card processing works.
    Higher the volume you bring it, better the buy rate.

    In the atm world, if you bring in say 100,000 transactions a month, your buy rate is say .10. You bring in 500,000 a month, you buy rate is .05. Theres a 100% spread between a low-mid level guy, to a high end guy.

    The same scenario applies in affiliate marketing.
    If a guy in the top 1% makes 100% of a first sale, and a new relationship starts you at 50%, it would be to the affiliate's advantage to be referred in through the superaffiliate getting you 75%. The super makes a percentage of the spread for referring in.

    This type of scenario exists out there, just not too many guys that are in that top 1% of affiliates for a brand.