1. sscaz

    Scaz's Books Affiliate Program | 50% Commissions | Special Guides on How to Promote Them

    - 50% Commissions - 120-Day Cookies - Monthly Payouts on PayPal Two Books that the affiliate program is for: Automatic Cash Cow AutoPilot Freelancing You can Register for the Affiliate Program and Check out the Guides on How to Advertise by Clicking on this text. Contact Details: Discord...
  2. ecomgoat999

    Completely Black Hat Affiliate Tool Idea - Can this be done?

    Hey guys, I just had a mind-blowing idea. We all know how annoying it is when someone come to our site... gets interested in a product that we promote through affiliate links, but in the end they leave the site and directly type in the search engine and buy the product. I hate those people. I...
  3. Nimble75

    Revive Gumroad Parasite with Chequered History - Thinking of GSA - Any Advice?

    Hi I've a quality digital product in the self-help space on Gumroad that used to bring in sales, I can't remember how but I got some earnings and now was thinking of ranking it in it's niche. The problem is that Gumroad changed the product URLs a while back to your own subdomain rather than on...
  4. JohnKowalski

    Looking for any t-shirt company that pays in crypto

    Hey , Looking for any t-shirt company that pays in crypto, been checking many but they pay with paypal, payoneer, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. SeedPhrase

    ✅★[JV] My Unlimited Google Ads Budget + Your Whitehat Offer = $$ [50/50]★

    Hi Guys, I Am looking for long term JVs who have profitable whitehat campaigns/offer, you will get access to unlimited Google Threshold accounts. you can promote Affiliate offers, pay per call offer, CPA, or Anything That is promotable using Google ads promote using Google ads: 1- Search ads...
  6. P

    Looking for Adult&Dating offer, specifically ALT.COM

    Hello BHW family, I'm a publisher and mainly working in Adult&Dating verticals. I'm looking for the ALT.COM offer with good rate and No CB restrictions and weekly payout. Anyone has an offer for this and let me get an account.
  7. Kevinpro

    Affiliate Blog Theme

    Which one Wordpress theme is Good for affiliate marketing ? I search in Google but not found good look wordpress theme for affiliate. Kindly suggest me a Good theme BHW users :)
  8. spyguyzz

    Affiliate or AdSense! Which Makes More Money?

    We all have our needs, and we want to find ways to earn money. if you want to create a new money site, what will you go for ? Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliates ? Also Why ? Do let me know your opinion!
  9. Madonna

    Monetizing a 300K liked page

    Hello People, I have a fan page of one of the locally popular singers in a specific state in India. I have managed to acquire more than 300k followers to the page I am looking for ideas to monetize the page in fb. Please note, the niche is songs and music related and how do I use it to sell...
  10. akr007

    Ask Me Anything: Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Journey (Earn $2k+ per Month)

    A little bit of inspiration! This is the earning of one of my amazon niche affiliate sites. [Health and Beauty] Yes, consistency is the key... Never give up... Read SEO related blogs. Literally, ANYTHING that you find. Shortly, you'll understand what to implement and what not, what to follow and...
  11. Stanley Martin

    Pay per click or pay per sign up for Career Blog

    Hello, I wanted to ask for suggestions and recommendations for pay per click and pay per sign up programs for my Career Blog website. What affiliate programs would work well?
  12. D

    EMD or Brand Domain for AZ Aff Site

    (Mods; feel free to move this to the appropriate section. As usual I’m ignorant as can be when it comes to selecting the right section.) Hello fellow BHW members. Atm I am thinking about building a new Amazon Affilate niche site. During my research I came across an for the keyword...
  13. mahmoud fathy

    Stop Building Scholarship Links -10Beasts Case Study- !

    Hello World! I'm not an expert at all, but I've been in IM for 1 or 1.5 years and currently making between 500 to 1000$ per month constantly through Amazon Affiliate Sites - I've also some chun n burn stuff - People who worked in the Amazon Affiliate + SEO thing know 10beasts very well! If you...
  14. Makemeproguys

    Tax ID,vat on every affiliate networks!BH dead!

    I think black hat marketing is dead now because I really can't get any solution for this problem! The problem is now each and every affiliate program asking for ssn,tax Id and vat:(:(:(:( What should I do? I am under 18 and it won't let me proceed without those documentation.How you even guys do...
  15. Alex Fx/Bo

    How to start Forex affiliate ????

    Hey guys ! I'm new here,and i wanted to start working as an affiliate I prefer FOREX niche . What should i do to start ? someone please help thanks !
  16. R

    Monetize an iPhone Blog

    Hello I have a blog about iPhones that is receiving 15,000 unique monthly visitors as its ranked in the first position for many keywords like iphone price, reviews.... The traffic is coming from a country where online shopping isn't that popular so affiliate marketing isnt a good idea. Any idea...
  17. B

    CPA Postbackurl

    hi i want to know how to setup postback url on cpagrip with adsbridge using s2s, securised s2s and image pixel i want to get email, browser, device and geo of click thanks
  18. Munni

    Looking for eWhore Pack

    I am looking for eWhore Packs. Not only pics & vids but also Cams. Actually I am looking for eWhore HQ Cam Packs. If any one willing to share I will be thankful. If any want want to sell Give me proof of quality, If I like I will must buy that pack. Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad...
  19. Chinatown

    Affiliate Journey to $1,000/mo with Email + No Landing Page

    Chinatown here, I am going in on email marketing. I will not be growing my list through a landing page though. I will be using the method that @shezboy gave BHW in his thread: [METHOD] How to turn $5 into as much money as you want. Here is a quick rundown on the method. I have purchased...
  20. S

    affilate programs ??

    (sorry i m bad in english) i look for an affilate program to an instagram account interseting on technology and games
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