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  1. S


    How many day after created the new google ads account and we can start to create the first campaign that will not suspended?
  2. krist

    Hello BHW

    My friend pointed me here as this is his "go to place" for marketing resources. I'll be providing as much help I can on the forums, and purchasing inside the marketplace. I specialize in blackhat SEM strategies. Facebook and Youtube video ads are my primary source of traffic, I cloak with NOIP...
  3. ATuringtest

    Would you use adwords for a BST or is that daft ?

    I was thinking of trying adwords to point to my BST to see if it generated anymore sales, would that be a waste of money ? BTW I've never used any form of advertisement before except site banners and my profile etc.
  4. D

    Cpa offer need for Google ads

    I have a method with total $500 spending limit om Google ads for free now looking for cpa offers which convert very well Thanks
  5. C

    Google Adwords Threshold

    What will happen If i have 50$ Threshold account And I spend 45$ on adwords, When will I be charged?? The Privacy Polices says you will be charged by 2 options: 1. You reach your threshold limit. 2.30 days after your previous payment. But I DONT HAVE PREVIOUS PAYMENT so will the google charge...
  6. S

    Adwords + $350 (BIN)

    Hello Everyone, How are you? I'm a Affiliate Marketer. For a few days I promote on Google AdWords. Now I'm looking for google ads threshold account creation method. Through which I can increase my sale. I'm not sure what else I should be looking for, any ideas? Is there anyone to help me...
  7. Mustafa661

    How to Make 150$ coupon Code For Google Ads (Adwords) USA And Any Other Country

    Hi All BHW today i will show you how to make Google Ads (Adwords) coupon for any country go to thesse link and make coupon Examples For USA For UK Just change ALPHA-2 Country Code in Above Urls...
  8. D

    Google Adwords Campaign for Gambling

    I need a person who can run my ads campaign ı will pay %40 commission for everyspending ı will send money with btc, Target country TR , Please dont try to sell me an account ı need running my campaign After you get approval , and spend 2 usd ı will release %50 of your budget
  9. Character-o-keefe

    How can I target Chinese audience for B2B business?

    I have a B2B business and I want to target Chinese audience for that. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. Y

    I opened threshold adword account with 350 $ without suspension but

    I opened threshold adword account with 350 $ but after 2 days it requested from me to add money to run my ads what about 350$ threshold
  11. D

    ı need Adwords Expert for huge campaign. Generous offer

    Hello ı want to run adwords campaign for casino and gambling. Yeah illegall ım offering %35 when you run 100 usd ı will pay 135 usd When you get approval and get 5 click ı will send the money for first campaign then we can work normal I have different type of campaign ım broker of this work...
  12. abhi raj

    !HELP! what will happen if dont pay my threshold billing? in adword !

    i made an adword acc using a fake credit card so my question is what will happen if use that amount to promote CPA offers(maxbounty) will i be banned from maxbounty and what will google do?
  13. newbiekk

    Hello, am new.. just wanted some help on adwords and much more

    Any help would really be appreciated, especially how to connect a bank with adwords.
  14. U

    Hello, Need google ads payment solution , adwords suspended on payment

    Hello, Need google ads payment solution , adwords suspended on payment
  15. ssnfb

    Adwords review Problem

    Hello Guys, From last 1 week, I'm facing problem to run money ads. After setup, the money ads, account going in review mode and from review suspend.:weep::weep: Can't find any solution. Is there anyone can help me, please.
  16. jenoms_lim

    Teach me to play CPA movie

    lately I'm bored in bringing movie site traffic and no sales at all. teach me about this can at least produce thousands of dollars a month. maybe there will be a reward for you.
  17. Adehorla

    My adwords account + your high converting offers

    Hi there, i know how to create unlimited adwords account with $350 threshold and i need someone with high converting offers that can be promoted on adwords. PM if you are interested.
  18. R

    What type of max-bounty offer i can promote in adwards

    Hello, I'm in newbie in cpa and want to promote offer through adwards. I have a maxbounty account. I want to promote health offer in adwards but i have confusion because most offer google doesn't allow. So, any suggestion guys..
  19. Mohit66314

    New Problem with Adwords

    I have created many BH accounts and they are approved but the problem in coming with the traffic. I am not receiving good traffic from that account. Ads, keywords are working fine but don't know where the problem is. Is there anyone can suggest some tips to improve the traffic.
  20. Rana_Sid

    116 Clicks 4 Leads= $128

    I was running a cpa offer on adwords and I set daily budget of $500. I got 116 clicks and 4 leads in total worth $128 and on adwords I paid $250. I set 2 keywords there with a cpa of $1 and $1.30. Please guide me where I am doing any mistake because I am totally in loss right now. I am running...