1. ohnah

    Action Button Partner

    Sup guys, I'm trying to get my company listed as an action button partner. Anyone got any idea how to best approach this? It seems like we have to become a Facebook partner but none of the categories fit to our business model (restaurant reservations). Instagram / FB help databases are...
  2. virtualbyron

    Stop waiting and take action - Fails and risks > Overhyped

    A quick reminder for the people who are stuck in the "analysis phase". Failing - What are the risks? In the worth case, you keep "failing" for one year then take a break? Congrats! you just earned one year of valuable skills and knowledge! What now? You will have to go back working for a...
  3. hazzi

    Share some good books

    Hi guys can you give me some good books that will give me a lot of knowledge because I want to learn a lot before taking action.Thanks
  4. Julesmichael

    Video aggregation site question

    Hey guys, I'm building a site that will be a platform that aggregates specific video content to users (hip-hop/entertainment). It is a similar technique of a website called WorldstarHipHop. My question is how do I get video content to pour into my site? WorldstarHipHop is so popular that...
  5. V

    Mantra for Success!!

    For all noobs there and for all those who are still struggling... here is a tip to succed. My back story - just a little... I started back in Jan- Feb ish to take SEO serious and I did set out to start my own SEO / Digital marketing agency. I just knew a few basics but that's it. I was on...
  6. Optic88

    [Take Action] Make Money This Weekend

    In todays video I explain the different between a succesful person & not.
  7. Euphorix

    All About Perception

    I'm posting this here as opposed to in the lounge because I've been utilizing this concept the last two weeks and it has me diving into new business ventures and really pushing myself to make action based/money making decisions. In simpler words, it's helping me make money. There's a book...
  8. B

    It Is Time To Take Action!

    For about 2 years, I have been reading this forum and drawling at some of the earnings that are being made. But now I feel that the time has come for me to make some of my own money. I have made some half-hearted attempts before but have had no success, but this time I'll work hard and stay...
  9. M

    Looking for specific Photoshop Action

    Anyone know what action was used to create images like the attached. 100's of people into a shape, word, logo, etc... flat or in perspective?
  10. OnFire25

    Taking Action Changes The World!

    Yes you can make a difference
  11. lalit_burma

    Hot Scarlett Johnson

    I am sure many of you landed on this thread because of title only :) After watching the trailer of Lucy we can say that Scarlett is next action actress (Though I still love Angelina in that avatar). What do you think guys ? Lucy Trailer -
  12. A

    Hello! (Seeking advice)

    Hello, everyone! I am a newbie here and plan on being very active. Would greatly appreciate any advice you could give. A little bit about my background: I currently make low six figures a year, but I am barely getting by due to the amount of people I support (my own decision to try to step up...
  13. Ndiqi

    Need 20 sign ups

    Hello, i have affiliate program. I needed 15 sign ups and active. I pay $5 per sign up after cashout. click here to start.
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