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    For all noobs there and for all those who are still struggling... here is a tip to succed.

    My back story - just a little...

    I started back in Jan- Feb ish to take SEO serious and I did set out to start my own SEO / Digital marketing agency.

    I just knew a few basics but that's it. I was on Youtube and blogs primarily reading and grasping so much. I was soaking like a Dry sponge.

    Somewhere someone mentioned BHW, so I ended up here and looooved it... so I got so hooked up as I was researching and reading for 6 hours every day from March on.

    I had a contract job and that ended in early May. i took it for a calling and started the SEO business.

    Today is 6/28/2016 - It is going to be 2 months pretty soon, and still don't have 1 SEO client.

    Spent $$ no luck. Cold called, setup a few appointments and met with people. No clients...I got so frustrated.

    However I expanded my services to include webdesign, in the hope that I can upsell SEO. I got 2 clients but still they are on budget and it didn't work as expected.

    Beggers can be choosers - so I took 2 web design jobs just to get some money in.

    I did build a website for my own agency. Dupe content, Home page alone is SEO'ed, 1 backlink and it's pretty content thin... I should have taken myself as the first SEO client, so by now, hopefully, I would have got a local client from SERP ranking - who knows....

    -[[ Where I went Wrong ]] --

    I was pretty much in the Analysis mode - to the point of having the Analysis-Paralysis syndrome crippling me from taking action.

    I did 1 hour of work in getting new clients and Spent 12 hours leaning...and relearning.

    I went crazy on searching for the best [Method] and still do. Methods on Finding the local SEO client. Methods on raking on page 1; method on doing this, that and you name it...

    I am seeing the same thing from a lot of Noobs - on and off this forum.

    --[[ Matra for Success ]]--

    Take action 4 times as you would spend learning.

    This will force you to take Massive action - But not in a stupid way that you get dinged by Big G.

    -- [[ Receipe ]] --

    1) Read for an hour (or a set amount of time) - Time it, time it, did I say Time It... and stop when you're done with 1 definitive concept.

    2) Direct apply for [ 4 X ] the amount of time you took to learn the concept in #1. Some of the concept will take 1:1 time to action, but some might take 1:8.

    Goal is to implement what you just learnt.

    Be mindful of the - Learn : Action - Ratio

    3) Start an excel spreadsheet for the purposes of documentation
    -- Task you did
    -- Resources you used to learn (BHW forum thread, blog, YT video etc.)
    -- Resources required to implement (Tools, websites, lookups, search queries etc.)
    -- Time taken to learn and time taken to implement

    This will serve 2 purposes, will keep a check on you and provide a template for you.

    4) Once you're fairly done - go over and do a retrospective.
    -- Add tips, tricks and shortcuts to cut your time of implementation
    -- Identify areas that can be
    1) Eliminated, if not then
    2) Automated, if not then
    3) Outsource, if not then
    4) You just got the optimized process to implement each and every step in doing the SEO.

    Take MASSIVE ACTION ! Win BIG !! Good luck !
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