404 errors

  1. Street Fighter

    Resolve 404 Pages in WordPress Using a Plugin

    Hello Everyone Did you get 404 errors on your WordPress site? No worries! In this guide, we'll show you how to fix them using a simple plugin This can make them leave your site quickly, hurting your search engine ranking. To fix this, you can create a custom 404 page, but for now, you can...
  2. codeman1234

    Redirect plugin reporting weird 404 erros

    Hello, On wordpress redirection plugin in 404 errors section I am getting lots of weird URLs like the following: ip.ws.126.net:443 (not my url website http://www.gstatic.com:443 (not my url website) /login?from=-NAN /horde/imp/test.php /wp-content/plugins/brizy/admin/site-settings.php...
  3. T

    What do you think makes for a great 404 page?

    This is amazhing!
  4. B

    Site errors jumped 116% in 7 days, blog posts are disappearing WTF

    Errors in Moz, Raven Tools and Webmaster tools skyrocketed across all levels in one week between audits. Site is large with over 450 pages and a separate blog running on wordpress. Wordpress posts have disappeared completely from the site and wordpress. Main site pages have also disappeared. No...
  5. A

    Recommended Solution to Maintain Link Juice Correcting 404 Errors on WordPress Blog?

    404 errors best practices for retaining link juice? best free plugins on WordPress in repository or elsewhere for creating 301s out of 404s, etc? Who Has a Recommended Solution / Free Plugin to Help Best Retain Your Site's Link Juice When Correcting 404 Errors for SEO (on a WordPress Blog)...
  6. Feyi

    100k+ 404 Error - Help

    Hello, I have been getting increasing numbers of 404 errors on a WordPress site I am managing. Tried using Redirection plugin but it is not fixing it as it should. Anything I should check/do? Please help with suggestions.
  7. LX911

    Need Help my site got hit by Negative SEO!

    Hi, so here's the scenario. I have a blog called -- exampledomain.com with around 10 posts. 1 particular post was ranking pretty much in the 1st page around #3 - #5 spot. One of my competitors spammed the hell out of the post that was ranking. As a result that page is now sticking up at #16 -...
  8. codeman1234

    Link Juice Keeper Plugin Footprint

    Hello, How I can do same effect that plugin Link juice Keeper on WP does on 404 pages but with .htaccess so it does not leave a footprint? Thanks!
  9. M

    How to Deal with 50k 404 Errors

    Hi, kindly help me out in this case. I have 50k 404 Error Pages. What do with this. * In this its not possible to find corresponding URL for all 50k and do 301 redirect. * If i do more 301 redirect will it affect my page.? How can i give solution for this..?
  10. fencersbeatngu

    How does he create pages from incoming searches

    I wonder how does this guy to create new posts or pages from incoming searches, that in fact also get automatically indexed and ranked by google. http://safe.mn/qbOu He first shows several real posts related to the search, then a search box and then something with related incoming searches to...
  11. codeman1234

    Webmaster Tools Errors Query

    Hello, I just went to my Webmaster Tools Account and I went to Health >> Crawl Errors and I notice that my site has about 20 Errors of Soft 404, Access denied 1 errors and 2 errors Not found. How can I fix this errors? and what do they mean? Thanks
  12. RedPanda9

    If you have been penalized by Google, try this 404/410 trick!

    I have had a lot of experience with penalties this year, and I have a few websites that have been hit, and recovered. During my research I came across these articles explaining how Google treats 400 level header responses in regards to link juice and signals. Let's see if my test proves these...
  13. Bostoncab

    keep getting these soft 404 errors. How do I get rid of them?

    I tried rebuilding the site map as someone here suggested but no dice. Dear owner or webmaster of http://mysite.com/ While crawling your site, we have noticed an increase in the number of transient soft 404 errors around 2012-05-27 06:00 UTC (London, Dublin, Edinburgh). Your site may have...
  14. ohaider

    Sitemap HELP!

    Is there any possible way that there is a program or plugin that will source out the 404'd pages? I just recently bought a site for cheap to convert from an autoblog and I know it will have a ton of 404'd pages. Do I have to do this manually or is there something to ease the process?
  15. L

    Do 404 Errors Mess Up Site Google Indexing?

    Hi. Could someone please give some tips. I'm new to organic traffic. I have to blogs I just set up. The first one can get pages indexed sometimes in 1 hr, certainly within a day. The new one I just set up, well come to find out google crawled the site and found like 12 404 errors of most of...
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