301 reddirect

  1. Abdullah Prem

    301 ridirection method need help!

    I have a expired domain which i want to ridirect to new domain say that i want to old domain(root) - 301 - new domain (root) & old domain (pages) - 301 - new domain(pages) cause the expired domain has 40% home page links and 60% links on best pages. I want to both to happen. Any httaccess...
  2. Nody Khan

    About 301 Redirection

    Hello Friends, I have two websites lived For example, abc.com xyz.com Now I just want to redirect only one URL "https://abc.com/hello-world/" to "https://xyz.com/". All pages are lives as it is. but just one URL redirects via .htaccess file. Please help and tell me the .htaccess code...
  3. keynes

    Unusual Link Building Situation - Advice Needed

    Hey guys, long story short, the agency I work with just closed a nice contract last month. We're selling them a lot of services, SEO included. The thing is, they want to change their website/domain name. The current site has a decent profile (Ahrefs DR11) but they want to rebrand, buy a new...
  4. cycoshas

    Correct Way of executing 301 ?

    I am confused regarding how to do 301 redirections. I already buy 2 high authority expired domain before 6 months and simply forward it to my main site. But one of my colleagues told me that you have to create a single page on your expired domain like Domain.com/acquired, and from that page...
  5. robin222

    Can e-commerce website product category pages be deleted for 301 redirects?

    My e-commerce site has some old sub-product categories that are obsolete. Can I now delete the URLs of these child product category pages and redirect 301 to the parent product category page? PS: This could cause a lot of 404. Or is it still keeping the URL of these outdated child product...
  6. D

    Question about redirect 301 services

    Hello, I found guys who promise links from Forbes, CNN, huffington post, etc. major websites to my page. They say that can not choose the keywords, because use already existing links to expired domains which will be redirected via 301 to me. Is that way of link building help for ranking?
  7. theobath

    Conflict with 301 redirection and www links

    Hello, I have an old website that redirects to a new website. On the internet, there are old blogs with links to deep pages of the old website. With an htaccess file and 301 redirections, links should return to the new website pages easily. Both old website and links on it was written with ...
  8. sageman

    301 redirect experiment

    I snatched 3 expired domain names in my niche with backlinks from wikipedia and a few other very high DA sites. I did 301 redirects to my ney site, and my traffic has tripled within about a week. I believe a bulk of the increase I am experiencing is from direct clicks from the backlinks, as two...
  9. U

    Backlinks and SEO Question

    Hey BHW, So over the past few months I've acquired some competitors domains that have expired. Several of them have thousands of backlinks, so I suppose what I'm trying to get at what is the best way to create backlinks to our main website? Should I do a 301 or a 302 complete redirect of the...
  10. Y

    Aggregation site moderation - 404 pages

    Hi - I got a question that I am having a hard time getting to a solution So I have an aggregation website that pulls news from all kind of sources. Since the content is being moderated I'm deleting articles from the database on daily basis - this makes a lot of 404 pages on the site. I'm trying...
  11. Nauman K

    301 redirect fall in white hate

    Guys, I am going to buy some 301 redirects from top news to my magazine. can you guys tell me as this white hat technique? I don't want to be penalised.
  12. holiparadise

    Need help in permanent redirection.

    I am facing problem with 301 redirection. My .htaccess file is full with almost 80 redirects. Now whenever I am adding more directions, My website goes down with "err_too_many_redirects". How can I get rid of 404's if I am not able to add redirection? TIA
  13. S

    Is 302 redirect hack still working?

    Hi, We are running a large well known news article website (lets call it www[.]oldplayer[.]com) in some niche. 1 year ago, a challenger (www[.]newcommer[.]com) has launched its own news website in the same niche and we noticed that their content was very well ranked, sometimes higher than ours...
  14. Amoled

    Link Building with Chrome

    So, good evening. I haven't thought about this until yet. I build 301 Redirects with Bit.ly, Tinyurl and Ow.ly to my Parasite, while being in Chrome without any VPN etc. Also I have visited the Parasite with the same Chrome / Device / IP before. I only build around 7-10, 301 Redirects to my site...
  15. L

    relevant duplicate content

    I have a few thousand posts from wp robot, pulling from sm and linking to there content, the sm posts/videos are relevant to my niche. I'm going to keep the pages that the postings were on but I'm going to put more quality content and not link out to all these social media sites and content...