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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by litenup, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Did you know that anyone who makes a YouTube video, that you then post on your website site, can have your websites shut down?

    I have been with Hostmonster for around 10 years. Never a problem. This morning, all of my sites they host (12) were shut down - without any notice from them - because of a 'copyright infringement'.

    One of my sites is a payday loan site, and I use a WP plugin to pull one video a day from You Tube into the site. I don't make any changes to it.

    Hostmonster, ( and I assume any web hoster) at their discretion, can shut down, not just the offending page or website, but all of your sites they host, even though you use a video that You Tube includes the embed code for.

    Maybe I just haven't been paying attention, but I assumed that posting a YouTube video and not changing or making any claims that it is yours, was not an infringement.

    After speaking to the legal team at Hostmonster they say that although Youtube (obviously) has the right to publish submitted videos, that does not give anyone else permission to do so. Even if they offer you the embed code to do so.

    I am now assuming that any video hosting sites have the same TOS

    So if you are doing any whitehat websites, be careful with the WP youtube pulling plugins.

    Pulling down the 'offending' page or video is one thing, but all of your websites!

    Someone could have fun with this, post their own videos and then have anyone's websites ( like me, being a competitor) shut down for using them. And in my case - without being notified of the 'infringement'.

    Anyway, I trashed the offending page, and all was well within a few minutes, but for now I have disabled my youtube/video pulling plugins.

    I know that most people want their videos to go viral, be watched and posted on as many sites as possible.
    But this is also the legal situation as it was explained to me. And these are my whitehat sites.

    Basically, the recent 'protect the internet' law that was shot down is in effect as we speak, since no one had to prove or even give a warning about the alleged copyright infringement.

    Definitely going to look for a new webhost - outside the USA.
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    Embedding UNMODIFIED youtube videos using the embed code [provided by youtube] on your site is allowed, if you were sent a copyright notice just for that than consult a lawyer and bring your host to court.
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    Yes, always host outside the USA.