1. SecuredNet

    Plesk vs CPanel

    Hello what is best webhoster panel
  2. L

    Make Money with Webhosting Reselling (200 til 300 Dollars passive per month)

    I am working as a freelancer (Wordpress Web Development) and after 5 years since i started my freelancer business i came to the conclusion that i can improve my business. In general every (new) client need services for which you have to pay monthly or annually. The most important service is of...
  3. CyberCommander

    best web hosting in the UK/USA - results from 2022

    Hi guys Today i found a very interesting blog post from the year 2022. Maybe it help your decision^^ https://www.webwhim.co.uk/how-to-select-the-best-wordpress-hosting-providers-for-uk-business/ not all informations in the blog post are up to date (stablepoint use now OVH, MechanicWeb dont use...
  4. homeriscool

    Webhosting Question: Siteground vs Cloudways (Choose 1)

    OK guys, I need your help. I have hosting with Siteground and hosting with Cloudways. I have multiple websites. 12 of my 15 websites need email. I want to put all of my websites on 1 hosting account and simply my life. Siteground renewel is expensive. But they have built in email. Cloudways...
  5. shikhamishra

    What are the benefits of using a VPS for web hosting?

    What are the benefits of using a VPS for web hosting?
  6. D

    Looking for anonymous dedicated offshore hosting ( need help and reccomendations)

    I need an anonymous dedicated offshore hosting that is reliable and has good overall features with these requirements with cpanel, PHP 7.1.3 or later MySQL 5.* or later Apache web server fopen enabled OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP...
  7. HydraEvil

    [HELP] How can I manage Cloud hosting (Vultr/digitalocean)?

    I have 0 knowledge in this. I can go for Cloudways but I want to learn this skill. Is there any course or guide you recommend? (free or paid doesn't matter) Thank you.
  8. nanohits

    Webhosting from $3.49/mo, VPS hosting from $1.60/mo, Dedicated Servers from $28.45/mo!

  9. gentishady

    Best Performance/Speed Web Hosting Providers in 2022?

    Hello BHW fam, how are you all ? I already have a website on Namecheap which I plan to move from because it sucks and I'm looking for best web hosting providers to move and expand building up more websites.No I'm not talking about Cloudways or Vultr I'm not there yet,I'm looking for shared...
  10. Stifl

    [JV] My Webhosting Space + Your Project/Website

    Hey everyone! I've got an unmetered Webhosting plan on a popular hosting provider which I don't fully need. So this is the reason why I am looking for people/partners who are seeking someone to host their project/website. I am not charging anything to host the site (otherwise it would be...
  11. CyberCommander

    Does Cloudflare solve my problem? or better options?

    Hi Guys I need to create a server configuration for a big magento online shop. The requirements are: - Every click/activity results in the online shop must be less than 1s. - The online shop must be protected from cybercrime. My plan is: - Stablepoint Magento optimized Hosting in a Datacenter...
  12. F

    Free WebHosting

    Hi, I'm looking for some free hosting for commercial projects, I need to create it for building backlinks. Do you have any good resources?
  13. whitecat1

    Hey guys, what is the best hosting for under 20$/year

    Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. Can someone guide me to a good/fast host for under 20$ ? I know I can get godaddy domain for 0.99$, But outside namecheap 18$ a year, what is a good option for me ? Needs to be as fast as it can be for only 20$ Thank you.
  14. kurosaki4d

    Which web hosting can handle (+1000 clicks per day) ?

    Hello, I'm working on a site on which i'll start the marketing campaign in two weeks from now, so i have some concerns with my current hosting EasyWP (Namecheap), it seems they are low in performance with a lot of limitations to their users. For that reason, I'm considering migrating to...
  15. SeedPhrase

    Error establishing a database connection(Help.........)

    Hi guys I was migrating my site to another hosting. but something wrong i did. i've been trying to fix it but from tomorrow new new problems are comin. now its showing Error establishing a database connection. If anyone could help to fix it off I will be pleased.
  16. bishofz

    DNS Adress change after set up - Does this look alright to you?

    Can some please help me with this real quick. Everything which is blacked out is the same on the left and always ends with a dot. Right side is showing always same IP and all domain names are ending with a dot. Can someone tell me if this looks alright? Thanks already
  17. Meerakat

    Half of the hosting are using nulled whmcs

    I was just browsing casually through Facebook yesterday and there are these web-hosting groups where they advertise their hosting company. They have like cheap prices and reseller hosting packages, but the most important thing I noticed is that they are using nulled whmcs. So, what's the deal...
  18. Meerakat

    Thinking of Starting A Web-Hosting Business In India

    Hi guys, I know the market is pretty much saturated right now but I wanted to give it a try. Basically, I want to know the average cost that it takes to create a start-up web-hosting company and how much it will cost for registering a company in India OR how much it will take to start a...
  19. IM Dude

    Time for another free web hosting

    Get 6 months of free web hosting now from ziba.host with following features, no payment info required: 10GB Disk Space 500GB Bandwidth 5 Domain names 5 Subdomain Names Virtualmin control panel FREE SSL with Let's Encrypt DDoS Protection https://billing.ziba.host/order.php?step=2&productGroup=8...
  20. kurosaki4d

    How can i migrate an Angular website to another webhosting?

    Hello, I wanted to know the process to migrate an Angular website. I'm quite familiar with wordpress and the webhosting environment. I've done plenty of wordpress migrations in the past by export mysql database and the files aswell. However, i was wondering if it's the same process with...
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