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    Alright, So I seem to be having insomnia - again....and lying in bed I thought of this concept.

    But first, short back story....

    "Me and my friend Vince - whom I do video with, love to drink labatt 50. We think it is great but most kids our age think it is old people beer. So in social events, such as music concerts (We are musicians) parties, whatever, we like to rock 50s. Our first video was this (YT Search) : Labatt 50 snowboarding. We called it an add, but it was more drunken fun on a winter day."

    The Idea:

    Basically would be to:

    A: Push this video with views likes, and comments
    B: Create a sequel to this - where the goal of the video is promo
    C: Push this sequel even more
    D: Marketing sales pitch to the company

    Why I think this would work.:

    -The younger generation of drinkers are not familiar with the product.
    -They think it is for older folks.
    -The product needs a new hip make over.
    -The company has no running advertisements at the moment.
    -The concept having "started" from a "just for fun" idea

    Phase A is already in progress, and will keep on going.

    Phase B ideas are brewing, and I got some good ones as to where to shoot.

    Phase C, well, you know, B needs to be done first!

    Phase D, I would probably need some help as to how to approach, contact, what to say, sales pitch all that as I am inexperienced.

    Looking for criticism on the idea, suggestions, help.

    My idea behind pushing the videos would be to prove the concept works, and then they do their marketing with the videos.

    anyways let me know what ya'll think bout this.

    I figured, I wanna do video for a living, but it never really pays...I got talent at it (more than snowboarding skills lolz - yes that's me in the vid...) So I gotta figure out how to rake in some bucks, to finance some film projects!

    *if you would like to comment on the video I would appreciate!*