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youtube bot

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by hp1234, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. hp1234

    hp1234 Newbie

    Oct 4, 2014
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    Check this out
    I got a badass way that a youtuber can send like 400,000 messages within 1 hr

    1.This idea is based on a bot someone here can create
    But first the bot will scan a popular youtubers subscriber; so it will go through all of the pages and scann until stop like some youtubers have over 100k subs
    So the scan usernames will be stored in a list; lets just say it scans 100,000 accts

    2. Now second you need to load like a 1000 of more of your own youtube accts; these will be the one sending the messsages

    3. Now you will need to add a fav feature; how this work, just load one url that you want to boost your views and use the fav feature to add it to your 1000 youtube accts

    3 heres the fun part. Now load a message along with the fav video
    so what the bot will do is go through each of your youtube user acct and send a message to the 100,000 accts you scanned; each time a user has been sent a message it will delete the user one by one
    Now your 1000 of your own youtube accts will go through a cycle one by one sending 1 message per user
    by the time it finish the cycle and go back to the first acct on the list 3 or 4 mins will pass; so you will be in youtube standards for as sending messages

    If you leave it on to rotate through your accts you can have 400k video comment messages in one day( depending on how many accts of your own you load and also how fast the coder tweak the settings)

    Or does anyone have a bot like this that can scan popular youtubers and mass send messages??