[WTB] Soundcloud Social Unlock script

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    Oct 28, 2014
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    Hey guys,

    I'm new to posting in here even though I use the site all the time for information. What I'm looking for is a script or way to do a social unlock for a song download in exchange for a soundcloud follow, or tweet and possibly some share ability on other social sites. I have an example of exactly what I want to replicate, so i will be able to show you! I love the clean layout the site uses and they include more networks than soundcloud. Soundcloud follow ability is the most important to me. This script has you follow two soundcloud pages at once, i might want three or the possibilty of more. I also would like to be able to easily change what song and art work it links too and have multiple pages like this for different songs on my site. I really need someone who can help make sure I get it up and running smooth and easy, and that I can manipulate it easily myself with decent html/script knowledge. I have one bid already I'm looking to see what someone here would do it for. I know it's not that complicated of a code, so it shouldn't be to hard for anyone who knows their script! I look forward to hearing from someone who thinks they can replicate this for me. Thanks!