1. P

    simple bot creation that can work on windows

    i need a bot that uses proxies (of course my own) and i need it to be able to press the play button via a song link on beatstars soundcloud audiomack soundclick so i want the user interface to be basic so i can just add my song link and choose how many plays and threads and to choose what...
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  3. L

    [HELP] not working with soundcloud

    Hello, I'm new here and sorry for my english but I'm french, I'm trying to automate creating account on soundcloud and I'm at the step where I need to say "I'm not a robot" the problem is, I know how to use it because I tested on other website. I forgot but I use Browser Automation Studio and I...
  4. sircrocodile

    Soundcloud Question

    Hello BHW Members, Short Question. How to go viral on Soundcloud in 2021? Regards
  5. ttshe4ka

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  6. TheBarbarian93

    Soundcloud Comments Ghost Blocked ???

    hi Guys, i noticed that when i make comments on soundcloud (about 1-3 pieces per day per account) on some tracks there are no comments to be seen although i have made a comment. I always give 1 like, repost and follow per comment. but when I later happen to check my accounts, on some tracks that...
  7. Agencybackground

    Any way to monetize soundcloud?

    I get about 100 views an hour or 1000+ in a day, is there any way to monetize it without joining their partner program?
  8. LO$ER

    Secret for Soundcloud exposure [White and Blackhat]

    The best way to promote your SoundCloud is to engage with other people. In general: the more likes, reposts, and follows you give, the more exposure you will get in return. If you are not a total newbie and your music isn't sounding like trash, then think about getting some backlinks. - Ask...
  9. net307

    [Free Giveaway] 100 Soundcloud plays

    Hi, Giving away 100 soundcloud plays to all members Just post your url song *We are using control panel
  10. keithdu45

    Looking for HQ Soundcloud Followers (Quality over Quantity)

    Hi, I've been looking for a good Soundcloud Followers Service, tried a few over the last year but so far they're all terrible All the panels & services I've tried focus on Quantity instead of Quality. All the profiles look fake, they're all delivered within a few minutes, and all profiles have...
  11. Scorpion Ghost | Social Media Panel | Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Tik Tok and more!

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  12. R


    Hello All. I'm looking for someone who does premium music marketing. Anything related to music marketing I'm interested in. I am a music manager who has worked with tons of major labels in the US and tons of today's top rap stars. Lets work! HMU if you know a lot about music marketing and have...
  13. Z


    Are there any black hat methods for promoting your music and growing on SoundCloud?
  14. K

    Reliable SMM Panels that offer paypal?

    Any SMM panels that offer Paypal and are reliable and not a scam? So far the only panel that I can use or find that offers paypal is "instantpanel . net..... They are not that good. Soundcloud services always drop, YouTube is expensive for any service compared to other panels.... and so on. I...
  15. K

    Soundcloud Automation Limits?

    hey guys Im planning to start automating Soundcloud accounts and I wanted to see if anyone knows what the limits are per account as far as: 1. Liking 2. Commenting 3. Following/Unfollowing thank you :)
  16. crazy.ass.mofo

    Soundcloud/Mixcloud bot needed!

    Please can anyone point me in the right direction of a good bot for soundcloud and/or mixcloud Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. zhoujianping

    My journey to make money from the soundcloud!

    I've been in the draw traffic business for nearly ten years, trying to attract traffic from many social etworking sites,such as twitter/facebook/soundcloud/Myspace/Tumblr,etc. Recently, I found is a very good source of traffic. The users on it are very active and easy to guide...
  18. dbs00

    DIRECT SMM SUPPLIER for multiple services | 24/7 Skype Support | SEO , soundcloud, twitch, votes etc

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  19. K

    1,000,000 View Purchase for YouTube on a SMM panel

    What Keywords should I place for this Artist? I'm a manager for "Ohtrapstar" "IcyNarco" And "Crunchy Kyle" This Video is similar to "Ghostmane" or "Suicideboys" Etc. I need Advice on what keywords to place on this video when I upload it in 1 week to YouTube. Also I have the budget to invest...
  20. ContentWriter

    Spotify or SoundCloud?

    Hi, BHW members! I'd love to get your opinion on this. Which one would you choose: Spotify or SoundCloud? Why?