1. L

    Did my first song realise on soundcloud and waiting for spotify mapping

    As title says did my first realise and all but want to upload more but still waiting for spotify mapping. Should I wait long more or should I upload song anyways and use '' Create new profile ''. Any advice ? Also how long does it takes for you guys ? Mods I couldn't find soundcloud thread hope...
  2. R

    Does soundcloud bot farming work in 2024?

    Sound cloud has paid plan with $99/year, plus i heard they are more strict on bots. How does the farming actually work, how do one creates the music content for streaming? What are the pay outs like, are they based on minutes your stream got listened to & how much do established people in this...
  3. SoundCloudPro

    Merry Christmas, BlackHatWorld Community!

    BlackHatWorld community, I'm thrilled to join this vibrant forum as SoundCloudPro, and I'm eager to become a part of this incredible community. Over the past four years, I've been grinding into the world of SoundCloud, honing my expertise in various aspects of the music platform. My passion...
  4. realmouse

    SoundCloud Cookie Profiles & Proxies

    Looking for SoundCloud accounts with cookies included as well as Proxies to go along with them. This will be used for SCM. Thank you
  5. Shqipenet

    VIRALRISE.ME - High-Quality Social Media & Music Marketing Panel | Unique Special Services

    ★ Youtube Youtube Views starting at $1.3 Youtube Adwords Views starting at $0.48 Youtube Likes starting at $1.75 Youtube Trending Ranking starting at $3.000 Youtube US HQ Real Comments starting at $65 ★ Instagram IG High Consumption Likes starting at $0.9 IG Likes starting at...
  6. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    What Kind Of Bots Would U Like To See The Most Out Of his List Of 10

    1. Gmail Account Creator (Semi Automatic Users Will Get a Prompt For Sms Verifcation ) 2. Beatstars Sales Bot/Like Bot/Follow Bot/Commment Bot/Account Creator (detailed options) 3. Secrue "bot" that uses proxies and a fake user agent on each request for hands on work in a web browser 4. itunes...
  7. iSellitunesSalesCheap

    what are the best options for botting with proxies?

    like what are the best options for small to large scale botting price wise for say simple stuff like soundcloud plays with no account . or like beatstars plays with no account . what would u guys says are the best options from low personal scale ooperations to large scale operations like a...
  8. A

    Looking for a SoundCloud freelancer or service

    Goal is real follows and for a real account. Have experience? A
  9. P

    simple bot creation that can work on windows

    i need a bot that uses proxies (of course my own) and i need it to be able to press the play button via a song link on beatstars soundcloud audiomack soundclick so i want the user interface to be basic so i can just add my song link and choose how many plays and threads and to choose what...
  10. Instantsmmpanel — Instant SMM Panel | SMM Provider Panel With Low Prices and Instant Services⭐ Price Starts from 0.01$ ⭐

    Welcome to WE PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY SERVICES IN GOOD PRICES FOR ALL TOP SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS: -Facebook -Twitter -Instagram -Youtube -Tiktok -Telegram -Spotify -Twitch and many others OUR SERVICES • YouTube Views starting from $0.63 to $2.10 per 1000 • YouTube Likes...
  11. L

    [HELP] not working with soundcloud

    Hello, I'm new here and sorry for my english but I'm french, I'm trying to automate creating account on soundcloud and I'm at the step where I need to say "I'm not a robot" the problem is, I know how to use it because I tested on other website. I forgot but I use Browser Automation Studio and I...
  12. sircrocodile

    Soundcloud Question

    Hello BHW Members, Short Question. How to go viral on Soundcloud in 2021? Regards
  13. ttshe4ka

    ⭐ SMM-1.COM — LOW PRICES | FREE TEST | PAYPAL AVAILABLE ➡️ YouTube - Twitter - FB - Instagram - Telegram - Tik-Tok -

    WE WORK 24/7 PayPal is available. Just contact us (telegram / e-mail) ⭐ SMM-1.COM ⭐ Hello BlackHatWorld Family! We provide good prices and quality services. Technical support is always online and ready to resolve any issue. Please visit our site to check the prices of all the services. TOP...
  14. TheBarbarian93

    Soundcloud Comments Ghost Blocked ???

    hi Guys, i noticed that when i make comments on soundcloud (about 1-3 pieces per day per account) on some tracks there are no comments to be seen although i have made a comment. I always give 1 like, repost and follow per comment. but when I later happen to check my accounts, on some tracks that...
  15. Agencybackground

    Any way to monetize soundcloud?

    I get about 100 views an hour or 1000+ in a day, is there any way to monetize it without joining their partner program?
  16. LO$ER

    Secret for Soundcloud exposure [White and Blackhat]

    The best way to promote your SoundCloud is to engage with other people. In general: the more likes, reposts, and follows you give, the more exposure you will get in return. If you are not a total newbie and your music isn't sounding like trash, then think about getting some backlinks. - Ask...
  17. net307

    [Free Giveaway] 100 Soundcloud plays

    Hi, Giving away 100 soundcloud plays to all members Just post your url song *We are using control panel
  18. keithdu45

    Looking for HQ Soundcloud Followers (Quality over Quantity)

    Hi, I've been looking for a good Soundcloud Followers Service, tried a few over the last year but so far they're all terrible All the panels & services I've tried focus on Quantity instead of Quality. All the profiles look fake, they're all delivered within a few minutes, and all profiles have...
  19. Scorpion Ghost | Social Media Panel | Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Tik Tok and more!

    ⭐ Welcome to ⭐ ⭐ Welcome to ⭐ We have been providing social media services since 2018, with over 35,000+ orders processed. If you're looking to grow your social media profiles/pages/posts/videos, you've come to the right place. Why choose us When you buy...
  20. R


    Hello All. I'm looking for someone who does premium music marketing. Anything related to music marketing I'm interested in. I am a music manager who has worked with tons of major labels in the US and tons of today's top rap stars. Lets work! HMU if you know a lot about music marketing and have...
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