WP Robot - Worth It?


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May 12, 2010
I've seen some good comments about WP Robot as I've been lurking on here but a few things bother me and I wanted to hear other's insights.

1. WP-o-Matic is similar but it didn't do me any good. I started using this plugin about a year ago but every site I used it on sunk like a ton of bricks. So can WP-Rbot really do any better or will it be a death sentence?

2. Are there any free versions out there? Similar to WP-o-Matic but offering a bit more? Its just easy to buy a big product then realise you could get the same out of a few other things and you just wasted $200.

3. Are there any discounts? I've looked around to no avail but a discount for BHW members would make the decision easier. ;)

4. Any general experiences? Good or bad! Much appreciated.
well there is a $40 code somewhere

I paid $129 for everything just recently

I haven't conquered custom themes/images and I think the clickbank and CJ plug ins are abit weak

but amazon and youtube are very usable - and the article one gives mixed results

overall look if your serious about this you have to buy things - and $129 for this to me is underpriced.
There are many tools like wp robot out there that you can get for free but my experince with wp robot is very good and its very easy to work with.
I'm starting to come around to the idea of buying wp-mixer. It's $150 for developer, but it creates unique content by adding a few different sources into one post, however no CB, Amazon etc. in it I don't think.

I'm a little torn.
If you want to sell your site in the future, you will have to upgrade your wprobot license to a developer license ! Nevertheless, bought wprobot this morning for 129$ and quite happy 'bout it. For that price you can't write it yourself and most of the free products are buggy or are missing essential features
without wp-robot you dont have an expanding business, of all the auto posting,,,, wprobot is heads above the rest, very stable and easy to use, dont think about it, just buy it and start building..............
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I never pay for anything on the net... but for wp robot I did and it is worth every single cent.
Thanks to everyone who gave advice - its very much appreciated.

I have gone for it and am using it right now.

My conclusion in a word:


This isn't black hat either. This plugin is so powerful I actually feel I'm producing blogs that are useful for people.

This is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time and I see it taking me to the next level!
I purchased WP-Robot and I used AdSense for a while but Im to scared to use AdSense on it as people are saying Google is banning people for it?
I used it works great no so great with videos in my opinion but articles and stuff i found another plugin. Myvideoposter that is the best for videos but ye its a really good plugin. Worth getting.
its easy to use, its stable, it can prolly do anything you want really.

I use it for my doorway pages personally of course it doesnt do the cloaking part but it makes google happy.
If you are doing autoblogs, wprobot is one of the best plugins out there. Does a lot of the work for you and it's well worth it.

That said it doesn't mean that you can totally forget about it. Like any other automation tool, it can sometimes fetch articles/ content that may not be immediately relevant to your blog theme. Just do a check every now and then. Or set to draft first before posting.

Still, it is one of the best autoblogging tool to have.
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