1. Bigray

    What Are Some Brandable Niche Blogging?

    i need a niche that i can be getting returning visitors so won't worry about seo after couple of months years blogging. users will have to search my domain name on google or type it directly on their browser. how do i archive this? either business, product or content blog will be okay
  2. SERPhustler


  3. ordonia28

    What should I update about this google ads issue?

    Anyone experience with this? Where should I focus? this is my second time submitting my AI blog site.
  4. M

    Need Help With Hosting & Ai Autoblogging

    I need help on the best shared hosting that I can use to host 25 websites. Each website will post 10x a day with free stock images. So in total I’ll be posting 250 articles a day. Also I need a free Ai content generator that can create 250 articles a day at very cheap price or completely free...
  5. Snqke

    Planning to create blog together and follow my journey here

    Hello guys, I'm planning to create a blog website and follow the journey together even i got some help from your side and growth together.. I have experience in creating tube websites i have more than 5 websites that generate +200$/daily and daily visits of +250K Daily visits (75% Organic...
  6. hims.000

    How can i create a blog like this site (Free api)? (my upcoming journey discussion)

    Hi i want to create a site like this. But i have no idea about this ticker. finology. in/ I want to create pages. Fundamental stock market data with screeners. I have no idea about api. Used by them. I know little coding. (i use larval, and php ) not going to use WordPress for this
  7. M

    Should I Start My Own Blog Or Post On Medium?

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a dilemma here. I am an affiliate marketer and I am planning to get traffic using SEO. Lately I have been noticing that medium indexes posts and I have seen some ranking on the first page. I literally just saw an article posted 4 days ago and it ranked on the first page...
  8. S

    Only homepage is ranking not blog posts - GOAL IS JUST TO EARN $100/mo

    (Sorry for my bad English..) Hello, So my previous site that I gave 5 years, just when I started to earn something from it, it got hacked (japanese keyword hack) and everything ruined for me. I went in depression but I wanna do it again! I learned a lot of thing running that website and one...
  9. StarKrypt

    [Query] What's the best/simple long term blogging platform to earn through affiliate marketing?

    If I have $0. (Real) Should I use Free Web Hosting (poor support and experience and provides limited resources being free) Or the classical, Blogger? The blog can be lightweight simple and I'll be working for a long term unless I find another profitable method to earn. I'm not planning to use...
  10. shindou90

    Is it normal that my new website on a fresh domain hasn't been indexed yet?

    I've researched around this topic and most people say that I should focus on creating more " high quality content". I understand that but I only have 18 posts at the moment. It's been 3 weeks and there is no sign of getting indexed. I've submitted the sitemap and made sure that the crawlbot...
  11. ordonia28

    Ideal Traffic for Google Adsense

    What is the ideal GSC performance before applying for Google Adsense? I'm running an AI blog. Most contents are 1k to 2k words. Using gpt4. Domain Age 10yrs. Current post 14.
  12. F

    OpenCart Blog Question

    Hi All, I have a wordpress blogging site which i create articles for in bulk and then post using the WP REST API which makes things much easier. i was wondering is it possible for the same thing to be done on OpenCart i know they have a API system built in but for some reason i can't auto...
  13. whoispepegotera

    [Journey] to get more than 1M traffic (BlackGreyHat)

    Good morning, everyone, First of all I apologize for my English, as it is not my native language. During the time I've been creating websites, which is not a short time, many things have happened, from technology changes, algorithm changes to my own person. I just want to say one thing, no...
  14. ElZiuR

    Favicon not showing up in Google Search results

    Can someone please tell me why my logo favicon does not appear in the search engine? [<link rel="icon" href="">] Logo is 144 x 144 px I will appreciate every answer...
  15. C

    How to increase by 15% CTR on Google Adsense

    Hello everyone, I'm searching for the way to increase by 15% CTR on Google Adsense. Anyone know tips? Plz show me. Thanks for all ^^
  16. C

    My RPM in US is only 0.01$ - GOOGLE Adsense

    Hello, It's great that my website was approved by Google Adsense yesterday evening but the confusing thing is that my RPM in the US is only $0.01. Can anyone explain to me? Here is some information about the case: Current impressions: 152 Country: USA (And other countries) Niche: My site is...
  17. Bedazzle

    [Journey] $5000 per Month from Website using AI Content

    Background on Website: I bought this fresh domain about 4 years ago and had huge plans with it to make a lot of money, but Shiny Object Syndrome got in the way and I diverted but it's never too late to bounce back. I have been writing content on the site, but since they were all hand-written, I...
  18. Alphaman77


    I have been facing this error for three to four days now, I have removed and reinstalled the robots.txt file but still the same issue is coming in GSC, can someone help me with this issue. (New Website) thanks
  19. Michaelchong

    Need help, ai blogging and automation

    I've been doing seo for 5 years and have been using ai for blogging and copywriting for 3 years but the question is i don't know how to automate my process as i do not have any tech background and don't know where to start even, so want to seek help here, and see if anyone can tell me what tech...
  20. techbeastzz

    Read this if you make money From blogging

    So here's what I am going to do, i am have some blogger websites and the posts are get indexed tooo easy, so i am going to create lots of blog posts with focusing on only 10 low competition same keywords. So it will get successful or not tell me, means some of them get on 1 St Google rank or...
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