WP Plugins to help your wordpress laod faster

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    If you use a wordpress, the following plugins can increase performance and loading speed:

    1. Autoptimize - This plug-in does a lot to make your blog as lightweight as possible.

    2. WP Super Cache - this plug-in will serve static HTML file for your visitors. Wordpress blogs usualy use heavier PHP scripts. Cached HTML files will be served very quickly.

    3. cSprites - Speed up page load time with dynamic image Srites - this tool uses CSS tricks to combine images into a lager one. It will compress your images in your content in one big image. This way your pages will load much faster.

    4. Web Optimizer - the aim of this plug-in is to do everything to load your blog as fast as possible. This will increase page's load speed.

    5. 1-Blog Cacher - server load is also important and this tool will minimize server load and increase the response speed. Great plug-in for slower servers.

    6. Hyper Cache - If you have no money to pay for fast hosting provider and want to increase speed of your blog this plug-in is what you need.

    7. CSS Cache Buster - to have a very latest version of CSS use this plug-in. Using Caching system this will speed things up.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks, never heard of the CSprites one, so I'll have to go check that out.