1. Vox1Hex

    How much traffic can handle basic droplet from Digital ocean. Any experience?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience with DO droplets. My basic droplet for 5 USD currently have traffic 700 people/hour. Fortunately I am behind Cloudlfare, so I guess it is strong help. Currently my CPU load is around 5%, RAM is on 70%. So far so good I wonder where is the limit.
  2. CamelCase

    The browser cannot load the reply box for a long time

    I checked my internet speed and browser but I couldn't see a problem. I have to wait a long time to reply to a thread.
  3. KJREDDY247@


    Anyone ever used this plugin? is it good to use any pro or cons?
  4. Manu B

    Addmefast.com login Issue. Never accept new password.

    Hi guys, I am experiencing addmefast login issues. It never accepts my password, I've changed it so many time using their password change form, but every time after password change is confirmed, it give me "incorrect password" error. I tried creating a new account too, and in that account too...
  5. M

    NodeJS job

    Hi, I have a script that login to an API using User:pass account, Then it send 1 addfriend request. What I want is .. I want to load 10 accounts, then each account going to add 97 addfriends requests. Each account should be proxy support. I dont know if Nodejs support multi threads or using...
  6. J

    cellphone as money making machines

    From : Jereme Formacion Date : 2012 Subject : Cellphone As Money Making Device Dear fellow cellphone user, Do you spend a lot of money to buy load every single day, week or month? Or maybe having a friend, relatives, or family who buy cellphone load regularly? OF COURSE YES! Now! what if I...
  7. P

    Does Page Load Time influence SEO?

    I use wordpress, and the total loading time of my homepage is: 9.10 seconds (I use Pingdom Tools to check it) I think it is really slow, do you think Google will penalize me ?
  8. B

    WP Plugins to help your wordpress laod faster

    If you use a wordpress, the following plugins can increase performance and loading speed: 1. Autoptimize - This plug-in does a lot to make your blog as lightweight as possible. 2. WP Super Cache - this plug-in will serve static HTML file for your visitors. Wordpress blogs usualy use heavier...
  9. B

    Google's New Ranking Policy for 2010

    Google?s Matt Cutts hinted that site speed is important to Google, and it may be considered a factor when ranking websites in 2010. Here is an excerpt from the interview: "Historically, we haven't had to use it(site load speed) in our search rankings, but a lot of people within Google think...
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