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WordPress Security & Comment Bot Combatter

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by blackhatcodex, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. blackhatcodex

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    I thought I'd share a little script to combat Comment Bots and add security to your WordPress site.

    What it does:
    It uses Nonces security keys. When you sign into WordPress, you are granted a cookie... a little file that lives in your browser and acts as your "backstage pass" to the WordPress admin. This prevents unauthorized people from accessing your admin and doing bad things. They don't have the cookie, so they're stopped at the door by the bouncer. Your cookie is tied to your user account, which ties into the WordPress capabilities system which controls what things you can and can't do in the admin. This is authentication: verifying that the person performing an admin action is authorized to do it.

    This plugin also uses nonces security key for the comment form for unique validation per user/commenter.

    Plugin Code:
    Plugin Name: WP Security - (or whatever you name it)
    Plugin URI: ****
    Author: ****
    Author URI: ****
    Version: 1.0
    Description: The plugin assists in avoiding bots from posting comments directly onto your WP site.
    Licence: GPLv2

    add_action'comment_form_after_fields''ccb_comment_fields' );
    ccb_comment_fields() {

    wp_nonce_fieldget_ccb_nonce_secret() . $post->ID'_nonce'truetrue );

    add_action'pre_comment_on_post''ccb_pre_comment_check' );
    ccb_pre_comment_check$id ) {
        if ( 
    is_user_logged_in() )

        if ( ! isset( 
    $_POST['_nonce'] ) ) {
    wp_die'Security check fail' );

        if ( ! 
    wp_verify_nonce$_POST['_nonce'], get_ccb_nonce_secret() . $_POST['comment_post_ID'] ) ) {
    wp_die'There seems to be some problem adding your comment. Please contact the administrator' );


    add_action'admin_init''ccb_settings' );
    ccb_settings() {
    register_setting'general''ccb-nonce''esc_attr' );
    add_settings_field'ccb-nonce''Combat Comments Bot Secret Key''ccb_field''general' );

    ccb_field() {
    $nonce_key get_ccb_nonce_secret();
    '<input type="text" value="' $nonce_key '" class="regular-text" name="ccb-nonce" />';

    get_ccb_nonce_secret() {
        return ( 
    get_option'ccb-nonce' ) ) ? get_option'ccb-nonce' ) : 'comment';