Will develop any Python program in exchange for Proxies


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Jul 20, 2010
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I have developed a couple of web scrapers to gather offers from job posting websites. But I do not have proxies that would allow me to bypass Google Recaptcha. Nor the budget to acquire them at this point.

So I would develop any of the following in exchange for sharing your proxies:
- Any Python program (preferably related to automation, web crawling/scraping)
- Any Front End project (HTML/CSS, Javascript, Django, Flask)

In case you're afraid I would use your proxies in any non-legal enterprise:
- You can restrict the outbound requests to a small list of my target jobs websites (currently just 3 urls).

Mandatory: Those proxies cannot be flagged nor blacklisted by Google. They will be used for captcha solving.


I have been designing Web Scrapers and Automation software for 6 years now.
First for personal use, then as a full-time Pythonista for the last 2 years.

I left a 10 year career as a front end developer to fully dedicate myself to my passion for Python Crawling, Automation and Data Visualization.

Strongest Skill Set: Python (2 & 3), Selenium, Pandas, BeautifulSoup, Flask, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Web Crawling, Automation, Object Oriented Programming.

Other: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery.

My expertise lies in automated web scraping of difficult to obtain data, websites with bare bones structures and complex to parse, large scale websites, including those using 'scraping protection' services and sites that simply put - are hard for most to scrape. I use a variety of methods for getting the data and aim to obtain the data as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.

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Sep 15, 2016
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Mate checkout ProxyMesh, I've used them in a similar project, where i was scraping google using a python script, instead of using a long long list of proxies, they will just give you one hostname and it will automatically rotate every request through a different IP, They are really cool and cheap, there is even a free 30days trail, also NOT blacklisted from Google.

Hope i've helped!