1. T

    Learning Python

    hey!, im new in this "scene" and i want to learn python for some shit :D, i just started 1 week ago and just want to learn more about the language, maybe anyone can help me so far with my problem. i want to make a spam bot for a website but selenium is way to slow and i want to use proxies...
  2. thelonewold3005

    give me Python Selenium Automation tasks and I will program it into reality for free - giving back to BHW

    Hey I've been working with Python selenium Automation for the past 5 years, I've gotten into know what's a Header, User agent, deep into learning how to copy a legit requests and sending it over and over back. I know where to requests to give me a list of never ending proxies that I can rotate...
  3. Robert_Grey_X

    Script bot for Orbita browser(chromium based) automation. Multithreaded.

    Hello, guys! I want someone to build a bot using goless or pyautogui for browser automation that can click in amazon account, copy data from pages to google sheet, and download pages. Bot Features/Result: - Work with Orbita Browser (Gologin) - Multithreaded - Proxy support - Built-in profile...
  4. ciphercipher1

    [JV] My python automation skills + your monetization methods

    Hey there, I have posted several JV posts here on the forum but all of them failed due to not taking the projects seriously. It is really hard to find reliable partners in today's time. But I am far away from giving up so here I am again: Looking for someone who has an idea/method that is sure...
  5. pankajjangir

    [Hiring] Looking for Python Developer for Quiz Bot

    Hello, I am looking for a Python Developer who can build bot for a Quiz Website.
  6. pankajjangir

    [Hiring] Looking for Python Developer for Quiz Bot

    Hello, I am looking for a Python Developer who can build bot for a Quiz Website.
  7. W

    How can i use some undocumented api?

    Hey guys, just curious. I know that there're some platform has various api endpoints, but just some of that are documented, others are not. I was just wonder that if you guys still want to use those undocumented API, how you guys know what kind of payload, headers, json v.v.v.v that...
  8. goodintentions

    Scraping my own list of followers

    Whats good fellas. I need to get a list of my followers on an excel sheet. I need to see who follows me and who does not. I used to do this easily with one of those third party apps on the play store. Yes, those Bangladesh ass apps i know they use your data, follow random people and like posts...
  9. Sartre

    ⛔ The Last Journey ⛔ 【AI Takeover】 The Quest of Building a Fully Autonomous Site Generator ❤️ Passive Income on Autopilot — Let's GO! ❤️

    I worked with over 200 websites using AI text generation in 2022. I have early access to GPT-4, but because of the NDA and OpenAI rules. It is very limited, and we're not allowed to use it in production yet. I found an investor to fund this massive project, so we're coming in with unlimited...
  10. T

    Cart Bot Expert - New to BHW

    I've read many threads on this site before but just as of today I decided to create an account. Perhaps will help others in creating Shopping bots using python, and also get some help making mine better!
  11. A

    [python freelancer] Instagram Data Scraping bot | Python bot

    I will have a list of Instagram profile The python bot will go to their following and scrape the data Data to scrape: Profile Link Username Bio Followers Followings Verified Private Website Source I want to scrape at least 20K to 50K data per hour (I have a good Windows RDP VPS for it) To...
  12. kadirilgin1453

    How a Python Programmer Makes Money?

    Greetings, As a python programmer, I earn about $1000 per month from a local freelancer site in my country, but it's very little. I want to target the whole internet, not just my home country. How can I increase my earnings, maybe a SaaS idea, maybe something else? I think there is no such thing...
  13. A

    Freelancer needed to scrape Instagram | Easy Task | Paid | Python

    I have a bot that scrapes Instagram followings (It will scrape the name, username, number of followers, etc.) This is how the bot works - I will have a list of the Instagram profiles, and the bot will go to their following & scrape the data I have integrated the proxies, but it's very...
  14. FabioSelau

    Instagram Posts Scrapy

    Hello, I use a public Instagram API to retrieve a user's basic data and their last 12 posts. But I want to retrieve all posts from a user. I tested Instagrapi for Python but without success, out of every 10 reqs only 2 are successful. Does anyone know any API or package (can be in Nodejs, PHP...
  15. S

    How would you go about scraping this:

    Ladies/Gentlemen, How would you go about obtaining emails from similar website? They list the phone numbers and website of the guy but not the emails, other than a contact form. My client is in the business of medical grade PPE and has asked to obtain ALL provider's from this website, and I...
  16. thepiratemay

    [JOURNEY]Building a Successful PAA WordPress Website with the Help of a Custom-Made Python Scraping Bot (bit LONG)

    Introduction A. Explanation of the motivation behind building the bot As someone who is always looking for ways to make my life easier, I've always been drawn to the idea of automation. I am naturally lazy and I try to automate everything I can to save myself time and effort. I also happen to...
  17. ciphercipher1

    Emblematic BLACKHAT posts

    Hey there, I recently got into a car accident and i need some quick cash. I would love to request from the OG's of the forum to share their favourite blackhat method/ blackhat related threads here, I want to change it and implement it in my own way. Newbies can share their favourite thread which...
  18. kriespy10

    AutoBlogging problems

    Hi, since ChatGPT was around I've been trying to make a python bot to create AI articles via DaVinci model 3. However I stumbled upon a frustrating problem which I have no idea how to fix it. The problem is as followed: When I send the generated output to my wordpress site it does not have a...
  19. G

    Tinder bot Coder

    Tinder bot account creator account verify sms/email change location auto-swapping auto-msg when there is a match facial verification photo /video (manually) Can be done on python easily or any other language as long as you get it done we can provide proxies, SMS, photos, videos, etc. we need a...
  20. GoblinMoney

    Inquiry on developing a Twitter Mass DM Bot. [Python]

    Hey hope this hasn't been recently answered as I only skimmed the first page when I did a quick search, I haven't done thorough research on this so apologies... If there is an old thread, well there's always updates so a new threads always useful... Just hoping that people could spitball some...