web crawling

  1. L

    Need to collect all new registered domains on a daily basis.

    Hi! Happy New Year to all. I have a question regarding data collection. Is it possible to collect on a daily basis all new registered domains with the following endings: .com, .net, .info, .us, .biz, etc.?
  2. Gazo

    How to write a web crawler from scratch with Proxy support

    Overview Most Python web crawling/scraping tutorials use some kind of crawling library. This is great if you want to get things done quickly, but if you do not understand how scraping works under the hood then when problems arise it will be difficult to know how to fix them. In this tutorial I...
  3. kowaininja

    Creating Scanner of live betting

    Creating Scanner of live betting. Arbitrage opportunities in sports. I would like to clone positivebet.com Developer need to build the scanner of live betting, by gathering real time information from different betting websites through API. bet356, 1xbet, williams hill, ...etc Thank you.
  4. MMnemonic

    Will develop any Python program in exchange for Proxies

    Hello, I have developed a couple of web scrapers to gather offers from job posting websites. But I do not have proxies that would allow me to bypass Google Recaptcha. Nor the budget to acquire them at this point. So I would develop any of the following in exchange for sharing your proxies: -...
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