web scraping

  1. goodbye tobey

    SaaS ideas for web scraping ?

    Hi guys I want to make a SaaS based on my experience in web scraping, what are some good ideas to implement this skill into a profitable online software?
  2. U

    Researcher - web scraping and data scraping ethics

    Hello web-lurking fellows! I'm an information systems researcher with a background in e-commerce and information systems ethics, occasionally lurking around here to follow the latest trends. With a colleague of mine, we're currently undertaking an academic research project on the ethics of...
  3. Corn4Flakes

    Pricing Amazon Product Data Scraping Service

    Hey Guys, I just wrote a script to scrape product data from Amazon search result pages. I can generate unlimited Dataset with the following Attributes: ASIN Rank Search Title URL Breadcrumb Price Price Before Discount Discount Percentage Stock Shipping Weight (Kg)...
  4. J

    Seeking large amounts of OnlyFans content

    I am seeking large amounts of OnlyFans content: that is, many models/creators and a handful of photos of each. Does anyone know where these datasets can be easily acquired? I am also wondering why there seem to be so few OnlyFans guides or review sites outside of Reddit.
  5. gbiz123


    SCRAPE TIKTOK FOLLOWERS - TOUGHDATA.NET People everywhere are asking how to scrape TikTok followers ... ... Unfortunately there is no simple Python snippet to do the trick. Anyone who has attempted this on their own knows the complexity of the task at hand. There are troves of valuable...
  6. yellowcat

    Free Web scraping any site

    Send me a dm of the site you wish to have scraped and the data ya want. - cheers
  7. A

    Instagram Profile Email Finder

    I will give you a list of Instagram profiles. You need to find the public emails of those Instagram accounts. You will get $10 for 5K profiles. Pls answer this question: 1 - How would you get those emails? 2 - How many profiles can you scrape per day?
  8. lovepreet

    [FREE] People Also Ask (PAA) 50 Q&A CSV

    Hey BlackHatWorld Community! I've benefited a lot from this forum and now it's my time to give back. I'm offering FREE People Also Ask (PAA) for your SEO and content needs. What You Will Get 50 Top PAA Questions: Questions related to your chosen keyword(s). Answers Snippet: A quick snippet...
  9. GridPanel

    ✅ Free web scraping | ⛏ Desktop browser automation | ☁️ Run in the cloud | ⭐️ No up-front costs - only pay for what you scrape

    ✅ Do you need a way to easily scrape data, at scale, cheaply? Are you tired of being blocked, having to solve CAPTCHAs, managing proxies, and managing devices to scrape? For example, if you want to scrape… Amazon products eBay listings Linkedin leads Instagram profiles Tiktok videos Yelp...
  10. R

    How to bypass Cloudflare Captcha verification while web scraping?

    When you crawl the web, it is very common to encounter Cloudflare or Captcha authentication, these anti-crawler mechanisms make it difficult to obtain data. Therefore, some web scraping APIs appeared on the market to bypass these verifications. Such as Zenrows, ScrapingBypass, ScrapingBee...
  11. M

    what are the lightest best meta data extractors out there?

    Hi all Does anyone or have a list of the memory light software for scraping a huge list of urls that can run on windows? I have tried 6 software packages. But tend to be bloatware. unstable over time. memory hogs or just not very good at all. Cheers madpro
  12. Webrekas

    How to: Create a Python Web Scraper

    How to: Create a Python Web Scraper Python is a popular programming language for web scraping. In this guide, you will learn how to create a web scraper using Python. A web scraper is a program used to extract data from websites. In this guide, we will create a web scraper using Python's...
  13. E

    Experienced web developer

    Hey guys! Just decided to create an account but I know BHW years ago, I wanted to know some like minded people here to help each other and make more money. I'm a web developer using C# and asp mvc, currently interesed in web scraping but open to any ideas that can bring money. Good luck everyone.
  14. AutomationIsKey

    Looking for a Python Developer for Web Scraping Task

    I have a budget of roughly only $65.00 for this task, however its relatively simple. Please comment here, before messaging me in the Direct Messages if you're interested. I will need the python code to parse data every couple of minutes and continously update some means of storing the data...
  15. serpnames

    I need web scraping and captcha bypass expert!

    Hi, I'm looking for an expert in web scraping (50K+ pages per day). If you're highly skilled in this area, I'd be interested in a long-term collaboration (part-time/full-time). You must be experienced in working with proxies, APIs, captcha bypass, IP banning, Google scraping, and more...
  16. anorak

    Facebook Marketplace Web Scraping and TOS

    I am making a web scraper for Facebook Marketplace posts which I plan to rent out to people in the flipping community, I've noticed that the legality is somewhat in a grey area. It seems to be fine except web scraping is not allowed according to Facebook's TOS. It feels like this would probably...
  17. MangoProxy


    mangoproxy.com Telegram Support
  18. L

    I need Help in Rss Feed

    I want to find Free Rss Feeds for a keyword only from usa excluding google , alerts Can some one suggest me any best free tools for this Thank You
  19. Y

    Web Scraper - Image Albums

    Looking for someone serious who can scrape image albums in batch. I need to scrape all or selected albums with high def images from site https://xiaobaimaoyi.x.yupoo.com/albums?tab=gallery and then reupload it to another place, own website, drive, google disc or make any other solution to show...
  20. A

    Looking freelancer/agency for Instagram data | Instagram profile followings Data

    I will give you a list of Instagram profiles You need to go to their following and scrape all the username Each profile will have 200 to 2000 followings (more or less) Data I need: Username Bio Number of followers Number of followings Is it private or not is it verified or not Bio Link...
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