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    Hello BHW community,

    I'd like to introduce to you guys something some of you may already know. However! Microsoft Products have always been something demanded, trusted, and pricey. We're about 99% hindered only into their software such as windows, office, server etc. Which is also from my experience the sweet spot for profit.

    I don't really need to explain how this can bring you money and if it will be demanded - google is your source, Bill Gates is the living proof.

    What I am here to tell you is that we are a legit company in the USA who is authorized to Carry such products. Although I may not have references because I've done mostly retail myself - I am flexible on methods of payment, delivery and authenticity to prove I'm not here to pry off 10 bucks from you.

    Shipping : We can change the "From" Address and the packing slip will only include the Product - no price or our company's name etc.
    Payment Methods are simple, Paypal of course - we want it up front before we give you the tracking. We will not do COD or Wire.
    Warehouse is in IL, USA. Delivery takes 2-5 days in the US (Free shipping), also can ship globally for additional charge, which yield many positive feedbacks from my experience.
    Profit wise, about a 20% markup.
    Risk is, we do run out of stock once or twice a month - as we put orders of 1000+ qty, it takes longer to refill and the gaps we remain stock-less enlarges.

    As for my legitimacy - you got paypal and if I deliver something not described, you know what to do.
    We are a legit company, once again - an LLC, we would have no interest in playing around for no reason

    My account cannot PM, skype may be the only way of contact.

    Skype : genuine.keys

    Thanks for your time,
    Feel Free to ask me anything about what I'm doing
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    Can you prove that these products are 100% authentic and you are authorized reseller?
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    I'm interested too and have the same question with PenguineZ.
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    Can't even name the amount of times you said "legit" in the whole thread.
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    You said 20% profit markup does that make 20% profit after we have purchased the microsoft products from you at wholesale?