1. F

    Bing Keywords Getting Disapproved

    Hi everyone, I have a Bing ads account in Gambling sphere, and it has been working for some time. But there is a problem that the keywords are getting disapproved constantly with online gambling, though the account works. Everytime I remove the keywords, and add them again. Usually there is...
  2. NobleGuyHere

    Microsoft Vs Facebook

    windows mail suggest me to change Facebook to:
  3. Johnpeterburs

    ChatGPT + Human edited touch + LinkedIn Articles: Escaping from Google's View?

    Does Google have any role in putting its nose on LinkedIn articles generated by ChatGPT alongside with a bit of human touch for perfection? As LinkedIn belongs to Microsoft, and ChatGPT does belong to the same group; should we think the combo goes in smoother or any dipping dragons penetrate to...
  4. Guntater

    [BREAKING] GPT-4 Releases Next Week!

    Here's what I've just read here: Microsoft Germany announced that GPT-4, a new large language model, will be released next week. It will be multimodal, meaning it can process text, images, audio and video GPT-4 will have 1.5 trillion parameters, 10 times more than GPT-3 Microsoft Germany CTO...
  5. Toz

    The AI Technology War is Heating Up!

    Microsft vs Google SHOTS FIRED! SHOTS FIRED!
  6. lala...

    [Sale] 6+ Months Old Microsoft Azure Pay As You Go Accounts

    • • • Microsoft Azure Pay As You Go 6+ Months Old • • • • They are not upgraded Azure accounts. • They were opened directly as Pay As You Go. • Accounts with active status more than 6 months after their creation date. • The...
  7. Outc@st

    Bing Ads & Clickbank Update

    Over the last few weeks I have been promoting digital Clickbank products via PPC. I experimented both with direct linking and by creating simple bridge pages. I have not yet gotten into email marketing... So far I spent $350 and I have not yet made a sale. I may have not gotten a sale yet, but...
  8. akaseo

    Get a Do-Follow backlink for 10 dollars ✅ DR = 96 ✅ Ref. domains = 2.6 Million ✅ Traffic = 866.5 Million

    Hello, I will keep this short and straightforward. This is what I will do. I will create a bing addon Publish it with a backlink of your site. What will you get? A Do-follow backlink from and a bing addon Some SEO statistics of are Site Ahrefs Domain Rating...
  9. anikahamedofc

    I need Att unlimited numbers like this [email protected]

    I need Att unlimited numbers like this [email protected] can anyone give me or suggest me which website to buy contact me asap
  10. GNews

    Microsoft Issues Warning: Update Your comptuer Immediately

    Taken from CNN front page
  11. Bloodseeker

    Will you upgrade to Windows 11 right after its launch?

    There are always tons of bugs with new Windows upgrades, plus app compatibility will also be an issue. So would you upgrade or wait?
  12. Bloodseeker

    Microsoft following the footsteps of Apple with Windows 11

    The design and UI look very similar to MacOS. The centered taskbar, the initial setup steps, icons, and overall UI. Now Mac haters will lecture me in the PM :(
  13. YuvrajThapa

    Microsoft Clarity - A free alternative to Hotjar - Free Heatmaps and session recordings

    Hey there friends, How many of you have used Microsoft clarity in your website? I hope many of you have or may not. Just few days earlier I have integrate it with one of my niche site and guess what it really shows you a website heatmaps and user behaviors in detail. It provides basic...
  14. D

    Microsoft Exam Voucher Code

    Redeem the Voucher for the below Microsoft Exam List: Azure: AZ-104, AZ-120, AZ-204, AZ-220, AZ-303, AZ-304, AZ-400, AZ-500 Microsoft 365/Modern Workplace: MS-600, MS-700 Biz Apps/Dynamics 365: MB-400, MB-600 Data & AI: DP-100, DP-200, DP-201, DP-300, DA-100, AI-100 I have couple of Microsoft...
  15. L

    I need some help to answer this question please

    Please give 3 examples of times at work when you have been forced to face a problem, be dynamic and were able to solve the problem to improve the business operations? Please give concrete example of your experience if you answer Yes or No or less than 5 lines you might as well not bother...
  16. lEkkol

    Office 365 - 5 User - PC - Mobile - MAC - Lifetime -

    Office 365 Lifetime License For 5 Devices This is a Microsoft Office 365 Account that can get you all of Microsoft Office 2019 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook & Publisher. You will have full access to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets or mobiles...
  17. jhakasseo

    [Get] Unlimited Office 365 + 5TB OneDrive

    Hello Guys, I have't seen anyone sharing this on BHW so here we go: What you get Office 365 (Web Version) + 5TB One Drive Account. Follow these Steps Carefully: 1. Go to >; 2. Create Account and Get Email and Password; Click on the Sign in Button, it will...
  18. archaikas

    Domain name Copyright - ICANN UDRP - Serious case ?

    Hello A few days ago I received three emails informing me of a trademark infringement in the domain name. I've recived official letters and screenshots of my site showing where I infringe the copyright. The whole process takes place through the "" website. I don't want to incur any...
  19. Socseeds

    Microsoft Patent Describes Tracking Brain Activity to Mine Cryptocurrency

    The patent suggests using body heat, fluids, or brainwaves to validate blockchain transactions and award users with digital currency such as Bitcoin. A new patent application by Microsoft details a way to use bodily functions, such as brain activity, to mine cryptocurrency. The application...
  20. pips2010

    How To Get Free Microsoft Office 365 Lifetime License

    Step 1: Creating an account 1. Click HERE and click on “Create a New Account”. 2. Click on “Begin Creating My Account” and go to Note: Before you click on “Begin Creating My Account” make sure you have an email address 3. Enter your first and last name according...
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