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May 10, 2012
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Hello Boys and Girlz.

Well the story is-----> I own one grate website that gets 2k UV daily which has 60% USA trafic . The website is in a bit adult nich but it does not have any nude scenes :p

I tried to content lock it with AWM and were making grate $$ daily. After a month my manager contacted and told me i cant use trafic from that site anymore he told me t delete AWM content locker :(

Now i got CL PRO V2 and i will try to use same trafic but with my own CL and will blank refferer so they cant see where trafic comes from.

The BIG QUESTION IS is it ok could they detect anyway where the trafic comes from if i use CL PRO V2 blank refferef option and if they will detect will they ban me?

The second big question is i found fake refferer script and probably will try it out, is it good idead and does any fake refferers work actualy?

Thanks in advance friends. ;) PEACE
For sure they can ban you. Main thing your traffic not converted from advertiser. That's why aff manager contact you and tell you stop using content locker.
Thanks for reply he did not say it does not convert thats what he said :

My Manager:
We found your content locker on this site: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com
We cannot work with any adult content, so please do not use our tools with this type of content in the future. Thank you!

Hello. Yes i have read that i am not allowed to use Content locker on any adult website but that website does not contain any nude scenes.Could you please check it again and let me know if i can use it or not

Even though there may not be nude scenes it alludes to adult content and our advertisers cannot work with it. So it's their policy that is why we must enforce this requirement. Thanks for your assistance with this.

You think its becouse my trafic did not convert for them? Trafic is 100% ogranic from search results they come to my website.
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