blank referer

  1. andy2009

    Blank or Fake Referrer that is super super fast!

    I want to blank or fake referrer that is passed on when a popup/popunder script is executed. I have tried several methods but none work perfectly. The only methods I found so far that blank the referrer is the double meta refresh and and FORM post/get methods. When I check Analytics real-time...
  2. xXKpuTuKXx

    What shuld i do?

    Hello Boys and Girlz. Well the story is-----> I own one grate website that gets 2k UV daily which has 60% USA trafic . The website is in a bit adult nich but it does not have any nude scenes :P I tried to content lock it with AWM and were making grate $$ daily. After a month my manager...
  3. JohnsonDaniel

    FREESelf-Hosted Referer BlankerJohnsonDaniel's Latest Share

    My latest share is a self-hosted referer blanking script :) I'd like to ask for something in exchange though... Please, if you are grateful or you find a use for it, and you feel driven to thank me, do NOT post a "thanking post", just hit the button, it's what it's there for. Otoh, if you...
  4. JohnsonDaniel

    [DISCUSS] Referers Blanking vs Faking Time to Settle This OFA!

    There is SO much talk about what to do with referers, when using BH, or not, but just wishing to protect business data. Should we blank? Or should we send spoofed/faked refs? I am starting this thread for 2 reasons: 1. I coded and shared a Referer Spoofing script recently (link below), and I...
  5. xLoKuMx

    My New Year Gift for BHW - Geo redirect script with blank referrer option...

    Hi everyone! I started learning PHP a week ago and coded some easy scripts for myself to gain experience. One of them is my New Year Gift for BHW. I read it a lot, people searching for a geo targeting script. So I think that it'll be of use for some of you... :) If you want to use it as...
  6. Z

    Help regarding blanking the referrer..

    Hi guys, I have a noob question regarding blanking the refferrer.. Will this work?? I read around here about using php and javascript but I thought this would be the same thing.. Actually, the main question I'll like to ask is how do you guys, or the affiliate managers, check the referrer...
  7. seikooc

    Blank Referer V2.0 - Meta-refresh DMR

    Hey guys, below is info on DMR's that you may know or not know and a solution for some traffic that would be otherwise lost. Here is the deal with DMR's that many people do not realize. With most scripts you meta-refresh to the 2nd page instantly whether or not it was blank or has a referer...
  8. mystery

    Something VERY Weird!

    Ok, so I had my adwords campaign setup and is doing great after extensive tweaking and twisting. Got my ads on page one of google search results. Network agreed to place my tracking pixel on the order page of the product and allowed me to blank referral. I don't want to give away my landing...
  9. Abercrombie

    Blank Referrer and Cloak Affiliate URLs In Wordpress Blog.

    Can I do both of these things at the same time? Maybe with a plugin. I know about DMRs and all of the tricks that take work. I am just thinking that if I have one blog post that has 16 links in it, that would be a lot of work. Can it be simplified?
  10. S

    Blank Referer Trick is Not Work

    trick blank referer for parked i think is not work again because my account have banned. Are there still new trick for getting much earning from parked? Thanks for sharring..
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