What is a FAKE cpa offer??

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    This got me thinking, I have saw a few post about black hat CPA. Promote a Fake offer. Can someone enlighten me about this topic, because I would like to know the idea I have is even possible. I want to know if this example represents a fake CPA offer. If it doesn't, I still like to know if it is possible.

    This will be a FB + CPA method.

    I did not set up any CPA campaign jet. So there will be a few noob questions be asked in this post.

    ''The example'' First part: I join a Niche Facebook group with a few thousand members, lets say Pokemon Go.
    So, what I will do: first answer a few questions and make my self trustworthy under those members. After a while if i got the feeling I got trustworthy enough.

    ''GET ATTENTION" Second part : Now that I am trustworthy, I will make a website promising if they click on my link, they will get redirect to a page where they only need to submit their email address to access the promotion I am offering. This could be, Free Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Go Hack, A Pokemon Go Discount code ( this would be legal, i just get a Discount code from a random Coupon website and use this).

    ''The Website'' Third Part: This is the part what frustrates me most. I cant get my head around the method how to make a website like this. Is this concept possible and how do I make a website like this.
    Just to be clear, People click on the link I provide them --> People get redirect to the website and first need to do a CPA before they can access the Promotion. And than? For example if I choose a simple email submit CPA offer on OGads or a similar website, lets say I choose the free Iphone email submit offer, what pays me about 2 dollar per email submit.

    Will the people who click on my link ( using my method) first see the Free Iphone offer and need to fill in their email before they can access the ''Content'' on the site. Or can I also customized this part. What I mean by this: It would be great if I can edit the ''Free iphone email submit popup'' with my own popup saying put in you email to get access. But what really happens here people still submit their email to the free Iphone cpa offer, but dont see this because it is covered. This would convert much easier because they now me and I only ask for a email to get access. If they first see a offer for winning a free iphone it could scare people.

    The last part is the most imported part for me. I really need to now if i can cover up a email submit CPA offer with my own content and if they submit there email it automatically submits for the free iphone offer what makes me CASH $$$

    Hopefully, there are some members who can tell me exactly how this works and how I can set something like this up. I am still a noob in IM, but have great ideas and methods I want to test. This is one of them. The only problem is that I dont know how to set it up and if it is even possible to do. Thats why i love this help from all the members from this forum