Wanted: WebDev for Zencart - MySql - PHP - (Ultimate SEO AddOn)

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    Apr 10, 2013
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    Ok, here's the deal. I'm a noob with a big mess on my hands and need help to fix it. I'll try to explain the best I can:

    - I stated by using ZenCart on my main domain years ago.
    - Then I installed Ultimate SEO (addon for zen cart).
    - ZenCart had a major update recently. I was ready to start fresh and switch everything to a subdomain anyhow.
    - So I made the switch. I deleted everything from the main domain and installed the new ZenCart into my subdomain.
    - WooOops, I overlooked not deleting the .htaccess file
    - Upon installing the new ZenCart, my URLs were rewritten by Ultimate SEO code in the forgotten .htacess file
    - I tried to delete/edit it but then ended up having many broken links. So, instead I just moved the htaccess file into the subdomain
    - All links are working now but I want to rewrite/301 redirect some URLs into more SE friendly URLs by using a better addon named CEON
    - It seems CEON won't work properly until the old rewrite stuff is wiped.

    So, anyone willing to help would require extensive knowledge in PHP, possibly MySQL, and ZenCart. I'd like to begin by getting an estimate of what you'd charge and go from there. The job won't necessarily go to the lowest bidder but rather the one I feel is most qualified.

    Thanks for your time.