1. Visual1337

    Cheap WebHosting (with mysql remote access)

    Hello, I search a cheap web hosting that supports mysql remote access, hostkoala does not support mysql remote access. AlexHost Support says it supports however it does not. It should be Direct Admin or cPanel 10€/year. Thanks.
  2. Panther28

    How to convert this Python SQLAlchemy code to MySQL?

    I have the following code: class User(db.Model, UserMixin): userid = db.Column(db.Integer, primary_key=True) username = db.Column(db.String(255), unique=True) password = db.Column(db.String(255)) The code is part of a MVC flask website setup, and I'm trying to convert from the...
  3. Vox1Hex

    How much traffic can handle basic droplet from Digital ocean. Any experience?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone has experience with DO droplets. My basic droplet for 5 USD currently have traffic 700 people/hour. Fortunately I am behind Cloudlfare, so I guess it is strong help. Currently my CPU load is around 5%, RAM is on 70%. So far so good I wonder where is the limit.
  4. Cro7

    I want to hire MySQL expert - Simple Job

    Hello everyone, I want to hire a MySQL expert who can develop queries to my database every time an order arrives? You just have to wait for an order to arrive and develop it and share the cloud link of the file to download. Budget: 500$ /month Don't PM here, contact on SKYPE: cro7
  5. A Point Media

    Custom Web Pages designed to reflect and build your brand

    You already have a website up and running. It is good-looking, perfectly coordinated for colors, fonts and images. But there’s one big issue – it does not convert. There is a likelihood your website design is to blame; probably, it does not convey your business’ value proposition in the way it...
  6. JamesBondBro

    Hi friends!

    I'm Bond. James Bond. :cool::cool: I'm professional programmer with 12years experiense and Web-development skills. I gonna be useful for you in themes: PHP, design, Cryptography, Linux, Hostings, Mysql (mariadb), SQL, WordPress, Social Marketing methods, Creating e-commerce sites etc. I'm...
  7. yeahhub

    Need small help in SQL Query

    Please help me to solve one small problem Below image is a sample data of my Master Data Table And this is what i want to achieve the count of following records as per following screenshots
  8. Rank wizard Ltd

    What programming language(s) to learn for building advanced web scrappers?

    I'd been an SEO guy for years now. And over time I've headed more towards building my niche blog network. It's going well so far, as long as ROI is concerned. As a part of my working methods, I've got to analyze tons of KW data, content pages and sort them out in some way that is presumably...
  9. D

    [HAF] Create Dashboard & Visualize MySQL Data

    As the title says: I need to visualize and create a dashboard for MySQL. I have a small budget, but it could be a long term. Please PM for more details and let's discuss.
  10. ---delta---

    Looking for php / mysql expert.

    I need someone asap. My site is having issues and my old dev sucks big ones. Hit meh pm.
  11. IM Tycoon

    <<<HTML5|PSD, PHP, Wordpress, Ecommerce, PSD Conversion, Responsive>>> Customization & Development

    Cost Starts From PSD Designing = $50 PSD TO HTML = $50 Web Development = $100 Ecommerce Development = $150 CMS Plugin & Theme Starts From = $150 Mobile App Development = $16/hour CLIENT REVIEWS WHAT ARE THE COSTINGS ? Costing depends upon the work specifications WHAT IS PAYMENT...
  12. SEOWhat

    PHP programmer for one project

    Looking for PHP, MySQL, JQuery programmer for one project for my client. He needs following: " The website should be able to calculate how many solar panels it fits on your roof And it should use the geo location to estimate if the position of the roof is standing good for the sun It should...
  13. kurosaki4d

    Remove special characters from filenames

    Hello Guys, I have a website that i transfered recently from one host to another. Unfortunately when i did that, i noticed that all the images that had special characters in it lik (é, è, à, ...) weren't showing anymore in my pages. I'm trying to resolve to this issue. I'm thinking maybe if i...
  14. B

    Any practical database resources and tools?

    I am student in computer science and honestly I hate most of the classes that I have taken so far in my major except the two IT electives that I have taken which are an entry level database class and a data warehousing class. Both classes were interesting but even though they were junior and...
  15. SEO Supreme

    PHP Full Stack Dev Needed! (Buenos Aires)

    Searching for a full-time employee. PHP, MySQL, CSS and web scraping skills required. Exclusively in the CABA area in Buenos Aires. Interesados por PM!
  16. rap8557

    I need a web coder

    I need a web coder for upgrades/feature of my website and debugging some errors on it. It would be a long term but will pay only per upgrade basis so the coder should know how much he/she will price the upgrades/feature i needed. Requirements: Should have knowledge about HTML/PHP/MySQL, basic...
  17. C

    Need Programmer: RPA/Web Automation/Multilogin

    Hey guys (and girls i assume? :) I need a programmer for automating some things. The plan is roughly the following: Multioginapp human-like bot movement (mouse, scrolling, browsing) account creation account management (get orders, ship things, etc) MySQL tracking of everything Please let me...
  18. TheUltraBlogger

    How to connect this script with database (MySQL)

    I am learning full-stack web developing. Currently at php stage. Don't have much idea about MySQL. Can someone please tell me how to connect this app with database? I will just edit files for education purpose. File - VT -...
  19. T

    i have Web development skill

    hey im newbie here, i want to ask something i have web development skills such as php,css,html,mysql database , what can i do here to make money with it? thankyou
  20. praveen545445

    autobackup of mysql in minutes

    Is it possbile the cpanel give autobackup mysql database to my mail in every minute ?