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WANTED Video Comment Footprints

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by serpwave, Aug 15, 2015.

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    Feb 25, 2015
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    First I'd like to say please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm new here and I have been looking for a forum to post this in and could not find the appropriate one. So I figured this would be the best choice.
    Anyway I'm looking for video comment footprints for GSA SER if anyone has them available.

    I had them once for Ser and they where very beneficial to my campaigns. I just found these but when you scrape them the results are very low:

    "Powered by ClipBucket" inurl:"/watch_video.php?v=" -"Comments Disabled For This Video""Powered by ClipBucket" inurl:"/video/" -"Comments Disabled For This Video"
    "Powered by ClipBucket" inurl:"/video/" "Add Comment"
    "powered by vShare" inurl:"/view/" "Post Comments"
    "powered by vShare" inurl:"/view/" "Comment on this video"
    "powered by ClipShare" "inurl:"/clipshare_new/view_video.php?" "Comment On This Video"
    "powered by ClipShare" "inurl:"/clipshare_new/view_video.php?" "Write Comments"
    "powered by ClipShare" inurl:"/clipshare/video/" "Write Comments"
    "powered by ClipShare" inurl:"/video/" "Write Comments" "Comment On This Video"
    "powered by ShareMixer" inurl:"/watch/" "create a member account to comment on this video!"
    "powered by ShareMixer" inurl:"/watch/" "comment on this video".

    Plus they are not all of the sites I had in my previous campaign. If someone has the footprints I am looking for I will trade my custom collection for this one footprint. I have basically every footprint you can image. or I will trade a list of 450,000 verified quality links.