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  2. Diane Thompson

    Do you still use Indexers with GSA SER ?If then what it is ? How you index?

    I have been indexing all my links with tiered link building. I wonder if they're more reliable and cheaper way to do as i am wasting some money on GSA SER campaigns. Kitchen sinks are headaches!
  3. Bloodseeker

    Is it okay to build backlinks for an adult subreddit using GSA?

    I have an adult subreddit where I post my porn tube site's links. I am planning to rank the subreddit so that my submitted links rank and drive traffic to my site. I am thinking of using GSA Search Engine Ranker for this purpose. What do you guys think? Will it work? If yes, then any tips on...
  4. Giz0mX

    I accidently rank wrong url with GSA SER now what ?

    This is kind of funny. My main keywords already on number 1 and it comes with PMD (partial matched domain ) . Since i am running multiple projects for similar niche i accidentally blast all contextual to its Facebook fan page. ( i used to run campain on FB fan page too but not often and not...
  5. WilsonScottk

    Does anyone having issues with 2captcha + GSA SER + SEREngines? Too many captcha loads ?

    Guys i recently opted with serengines as now i have some considerable on going project i cant manually arrange web2.0s. Big no no for outsourcing as i consider readable content on web2.0s. So i decided to try serengines + gsa ser, Since i love and like with search engine ranker would be great...
  6. Nawshale

    ⚡⚡ High Quality Pre filtered Verified Lists Straight to your GSA Search Engine Ranker!

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  7. mr.y

    [Get] 500 GSA SER links for free

    Hey everyone, I am learning a lot from this forum and I want to give some back I started a gig as a GSA link builder and I want to practice. Please PM me your site URL and 3 keywords. I only use English search engines, English sites, a verified link list, private proxies, and a paid captcha...
  8. asiavirtualsolution

    Writer needed that is familiar with GSA Search Engine Ranker

    Looking for a writer that has a working knowledge of GSA Search Engine Ranker. This is not for "How to" articles but rather some new addons. Please PM me ONLY if you full understand how GSA Search Engine ranker work.
  9. Maria Caswell

    What is the best link building tool?

    What is the best link building tool that helps to rank websites easily? Will GSA Search Engine Ranker help my website to rank on google or there're better softwares on the internet? Can I rank my website using these link building tools?
  10. Bloodseeker

    How many backlinks is it safe to build daily using GSA Search Engine Ranker?

    I'm thinking of starting a GSA SER project for an SMM related site. I don't get time to build natural links for it so I thought GSA SER would be best if I fine tune the settings and everything. Now I'm wondering what is the safe number of backlinks I should build using it daily? I don't want...
  11. vivek.verma

    GSA SER or Scrapebox ??

    Please, guys, suggest me the best option for backlinking.
  12. freemann58

    Where to find good and the latest GSA SER Video Tutorials / Trainings?

    Hi! I am searching for the latest GSA Search Engine Ranker Trainings where I can learn how to use it and how to setup the software in the right way to rank my websites. I searched on different forums / youtube and google but everything that I found are old videos ( from 2014/2015 ). Are there...
  13. DarkSp0t

    Gsa Search engine ranker & Google Adsense/Blackhat SEO/Dup Content

    Guys, i am thinking to monetize my top 10 ranked shit blog with google adsense. But i am worrying about getting a ban as i am going to use my only legit Adsense which i never used. I am getting targeted google traffic from 2 words and three words long keywords. All keywords are targeted and...
  14. TimDawsone

    I could rank my site google top 10 - I still running GSA SER projects.Should i run more ?

    Low - Med competition niche It's a 8-page Micro niche website Monetized with affiliate program 3 months old brand new domain Blocked all crawlers I could rank my main keywords in Google's top 10 and other partial match keywords in 2nd page and page 1. It's all mixed. I have been running...
  15. DarkDevil1

    GSA Ser 2017 How Do You Use It (Strategy)

    I have been mostly building links manually but i wanted to learn most important things about SEO and ranking any Shit(not literally). However, using GSA is quite hard for a newbie, plus making a good Strategy is something which will take months or years to master (then Google changes things all...
  16. D

    GSA Captcha Question

    Hi, I have been running GSA successfully for the past few weeks (had used it before briefly, years ago). While I am using verified lists and have no complaints about LPM, I am burning trough captcha's way faster than I would want and would expect. I am using GSA Captcha with 1 Retry and I am...
  17. DarkDevil1

    How to Index GSA Links?

    I'm looking for a method to index maximum number of GSA Links. I'm spending quite a lot of time these days on SEO tools for building Tire Links, However, i don't think google will automatically pick these links in 2017. Even if Google does index some of these links automatically it won't be 1%+...
  18. losdivinos

    GSA SER for Youtube videos

    So I want to rank or at least boost my youtube videos on Google. I own GSA Ser, Indexer and Captcha Breaker. Do any of you have experience with this? If so, how do you recommend setting up a campaign for this?
  19. flashsites

    SEREngines Relevant?

    Hi I used SEREngines and after several weeks I saw it had very limited success based on my GSa reports. Lately I see they have been doing more work, just want to know if anyone is finally having luck with them. Thanks
  20. B.Shahin

    GSA SER help, link verification issue with & charachter

    Hi, I got very low verified links if my link have & character for example link like this: https:// www . youtube . com/watch?v=xxxxxx& also if the link like this, it also gives not high verified links: https:// www . youtube . com/watch?v=xxxxxx but the link like this gives very...