1. Sartre

    ☑️ Income School Project 24 Acabado theme footprints - take their keywords and rank [METHOD]

    I'm gonna keep it short: 1. Most income schoolers have weak sites. 2. Most of these sites die out after 1-2 years due to lack of income. 3. They have less than 500 students making more than $1000/month while having over 20k students (according to their site.) 4. Students are going after long...
  2. mohamedabdo

    regular expression by scrapebox i can pay 10 usd

    I have a URL list and I would like to get oR find Getogy / URL
  3. CarryMinati

    Working Blogspot Footprints

    Hello Guys, I have tried finding some footprints on google getting only junk results: "Powered by Blogger" "Subscribe to: Post Comments" "Post a Comment" "keyword" I am looking for footprints of blog posts that have some comments on it or atleast comment is not...
  4. Penny Holmes

    footprints emails?

    i need help to find footprints for scrape emails i have already scraper that scrape all emails from every website but i need to search in the keywords the correct footprints waiting for reply asap , thanks
  5. alishakapoor

    How to find frequently crawled websites by Google?

    Any footprints? Or trick would be off great help Thanks!
  6. Phill55

    Q&A Footprints

    Hi everyone, does anyone have a list of footprints for Q&A sites? I searched through the forum but couldn't find one spesifically on Q&A.
  7. gihanzami

    scrapebox german/ spanish forums footprints needed

    Hi, can someone please tell me how to find german and spanish forums using scrapebox? tyvm.
  8. bra08002602

    Can INSTA see the folder of you uploaded photo?

    Hi everyone! Do you guys think that Instagram (and other networks) can read the photo location on your computer? Hence link your accounts together. Say for instance you run multiple accs ( diff IPs and browser profiles etc) but your PHOTOS are obviously in one location -on your computer. So...
  9. ZoroBegins

    ★ ★ ★ Need help guys! How to secure from footprints? ★ ★ ★

    Brothers, I need to know and improve my ways of hiding foot prints when creating backlinks to my websites. This what I followed until now, I'm - using opera, cent browser and also using premium vpn. - using yahoo mail to create accounts on back link websites. - changing browser every 5...
  10. V

    Foot Prints For Forum Links

    can anyone please give footprints for forum links ?
  11. ergoprime

    Using Scrapebox Auto Blog Comment Tool to Cover Footprints

    Yeah I know.... Blog commenting to boost ranking is so 2006, but I don't want to spam it. I would like to set Scrapebox up, so that I automate 20-30 blog comments from high quality sites per day, with good spinned content and brand anchor text links. I don't care about ********/nofollow links...
  12. flashsites

    Footprints No More?

    I've been trying a list of footprints I found here and all I get are links that mention other footprints? Here's a sample: site:com "powered by expressionengine" "post a comment" site:edu "powered by expressionengine" "post a comment" site:org "powered by expressionengine" "post a comment"...
  13. fuad_2000

    footprint for forums

    hi guys i need help to find footprint for forums phpp - SMF - IP Board - myBB - Discuz - Discuz X - xenforo - fluxBB - Icy Phoenix - phpwind - punBB miniBB - Burning Board - uCoz Blog - DLE forum - DLE Blog - Bolgger i want add those footpring on scrapeBox to scanner page for find which...
  14. valser29

    I need to scrape 500,000 pages

    Hello there, I need to scrape Alexa top 500,000 sites and select only ones that have checkout pages. If anyone is interested, please reply here or send me a pm with prices. Thanks!
  15. I

    Need Footprint for Lokomedia CMS

    Hi All, Can be suggestion footprint for Lokomedia CMS.. Thanks before
  16. R

    Web 2.0 blog network footprints

    I understand the importance of avoiding footprints with regards to a self hosted PBN but what about a Web 2.0 blog network? Some people recommend using different IP addresses and email addresses when signing up for these accounts but is that really necessary?
  17. K

    Footprints -- Creating Multiple Domains Under Same Dedicated IP

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to start creating some mini sites to promote specific content and also be used for SEO purposes. Hostwinds has a $10/month unlimited domains plan. I'm vaguely familiar that there's a concept of "footprints" and with the importance of spreading your domains around...
  18. serpwave

    WANTED Video Comment Footprints

    Hello, First I'd like to say please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm new here and I have been looking for a forum to post this in and could not find the appropriate one. So I figured this would be the best choice. Anyway I'm looking for video comment footprints for GSA SER if...
  19. S

    Stay Safe On Manual Link Bulding By Not Leaving any Footprint for Google

    Hello Friends :) i have finished watching Ranking institute v2 and gonna folow all rules thy suggested in the course expect paid Links.. so i have reverse engineered my top 20 competitors backlinks and filtered with high domain authority and there are all platforms in it i am gonna...
  20. DarkHorse17

    How to Scrap Fresh Emails From Google?

    Hello guys, (Sorry if i posted in the wrong section, i didn't find a section for email marketing) I need a way to scrap fresh emails to actually spam them. I know a few footprints to find emails in google, but i think there's some better way. A month back i found a method here in BHW to find...
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