Unable to access a Google product / What to do ?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by dawniey, Feb 8, 2017.

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    May 26, 2016
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    I own 4 yt channels. One of them (5k+ subs / all vids slightly edited) got terminated. Now I can't log into my Yt account. 3 channels are still alive and I'm getting money into adsense. I wrote to customer service a week ago (5 more times since then) they haven't replied yet. What should I do now ? I haven't received an email explaining the reason for termination.

    After the termination I was able to login into my yt and i have 2 other channels in the same niche I made all of the vids unlisted after my 1st channel got terminated. I don't know if this can be a reason - also after termination in order to login into my email i had to send sms verification code two times, I have also received warning that there was a suspicious activity. Is there a way to get back the access to yt ?