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  1. A

    Important topic to grow your YouTube channel

    Important topic to grow your YouTube channel 1. Comedy channel 2. Entertainment channel 3. Fitness channel 4. Sports channel 5. Vlog channel 6. Riding channel 7. Filim channel 8. Shorts channel There are Eight topic to grow your YouTube channel for our success on YouTube , I hope this topic...
  2. J

    A new Music Youtube Channel, any suggestions?

    Hi! I think of starting a new Music Youtube channel where I make my own music and post it. I would like to hear from you some propositions to make my first video get some first viewers and subscribers without having to worry about getting banned (reddit, FB...) I know that music content is...
  3. DarrellStanding

    Need an advice. Youtube faceless channel

    What to do if I create content in a gaming niche (10 minutes + long videos) . I started 3 new channels and uploaded videos every day for 20-30 days and in all channels the same picture. The channel started to grow to 200-1000 views per hour and after 20-30 videos the channel is dying and the...
  4. S

    is there a problem if i buy a monetized channel?

    Hey brothers is there a problem if i buy a monetized channel and change its contents from zero completely?
  5. underground-rap

    What's my YouTube channel worth? (10k Subs / Music Niche)

    How are you feeling BHW, I'm thinking about selling my YouTube channel but not sure about its value. Any guesses on what it might be worth? Here are some details. Thanks! Creation Date: 11.11.11 Niche: Music (Rap/HipHop) Subscribers: 10k Last upload: 4 years ago (2019) Videos: 70 (all...
  6. Hi I am Mitu

    Is it really that important to use the old channel?

    Hello, I started a series like this . I have failed many times in my history of Youtube shorts and the common feature of these channels was that they were newly launched. I...
  7. ad2007

    Earn $10k/m By Creating Animated Story Faceless YT Channel (Using AI)

    Hey all, I’ve seen this method some while ago and since I liked it, I decided to share it here. Actually, I’m surfing the web every day to find new MMO methods (yes it's one of my hobbies! :D ), some of them work and some others does not. Since I don’t have much time to try every single of...
  8. V

    Should I Continue Working on this Channel?

    Hi Friends, I have a 5-year-old YouTube channel, Initially, I used to publish 5-6 videos monthly but for the past two years, I have only uploaded 1 or 2 videos at a gap of 2-3 months and sometimes 5 months. My views have relatively dropped as compared to previous years but still, I am getting...
  9. Panther28

    The guy makes hundreds a week posting football clips and stays within youtube rules

    Found this to be an interesting video: This is the part I found most relevant. He's got an alert from youtube and had the channel checked, but as you can see on the left side, there is lots of options of twisting the content of other people and making it brand new with "significant value"...
  10. DigiMarketBee

    Deleting old youtube videos with less views against youtube rules?

    Hi, I have monetized youtube channel. Some videos have good views like 95K, 30K, and 15K. But most of my old videos views between 50 - 200 views only. But most of the videos are good quality with good content. It all 8 months ago. If I delete those videos and reupload them, does my channel gets...
  11. N

    Is it Legal to buy a youtube channel?

    Are there any place or guidelines (preferably the support youtube website or any trustworthy website) where youtube says it is Legal to buy youtube channels from other people/creators? Was reading a thread and people said should buy channels from the same country you are located, so that's...
  12. seojen

    What you guys think of Speechelo for voice over?

    I've done my Google search for a decent voice over and I found speechelo . They have some video samples on their sales page that sound very good - what do you guys think of this service? I would love to hear from someone who has used it to create Youtube videos.
  13. Rollfic

    How is this channel monetized? No commentary, no face. Straight up UFC and WWE vids. UFC and WWE are the worst when it comes to copyrighted stuffs. They don't like their stuffs uploaded. I checked the monetization status of the channel and it's enabled. Did YT fail to catch this...
  14. goku786

    [RESELLERS WELCOME] Monetized YouTube Channels Wholesaler [BONUS] 1 MONTH VIDIQ PREMIUM ACCOUNT + Niche list with example channels.

  15. ismaildemirkol4600

    Monetized Youtube Channel and Youtube Subscriber, Youtube Hours Views and Subscriber

    First of all, hello everyone. I Want to Tell About Myself Briefly, I want to introduce myself to you… I am 28 years old. I've been making money from youtube for nearly 8 years. I'm Trading…My youtube knowledge is very good compared to most people. I want to guide you on youtube and sell Youtube...
  16. vccresellerpanel

    Buy YouTube Monetized Channels - Earn Money With YouTube

    Buy Monetized YouTube Channel 100% Real Human Created Old and Aged No history of copyright or community strikes non hacked , non botted and cracked 100% real - for long time earning source Per Monetized Channel Price 250$ All channels have 1K+ subscribers Payment Method: BTC...
  17. MessyWile

    How i can turn back on monetization on my YoutTube channel?

    Hello guys. Do you have any idea how can I turn on monetization on this channel? Give me all suggestion that comes to your mind. Below is a screenshot of my channel. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
  18. Purabi108

    Why is not every YouTuber successful on YouTube?

    If you’re a YouTuber and you don’t have more subscribers than your nearest competitor, you need to start thinking about ways to grow your channel. Maybe you need to add more content. Maybe you need to find new ways to attract viewers. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things that all...
  19. B


    Buy Aged YouTube Account 2006-2013 with Livestream Feature Ready (4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers were achieved) Aged YouTube Channel 2006-2009: 50$/1 channel, 45$/10 channels Aged YouTube Channel 2010-2013: 45$/1 channel, 40$/10 channels Various types of channels: vlog, gaming, DIY...
  20. EazyViral Support

    Bulk Monetized Youtube Channel For Sale -

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