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  1. Panther28

    The guy makes hundreds a week posting football clips and stays within youtube rules

    Found this to be an interesting video: This is the part I found most relevant. He's got an alert from youtube and had the channel checked, but as you can see on the left side, there is lots of options of twisting the content of other people and making it brand new with "significant value"...
  2. DigiMarketBee

    Deleting old youtube videos with less views against youtube rules?

    Hi, I have monetized youtube channel. Some videos have good views like 95K, 30K, and 15K. But most of my old videos views between 50 - 200 views only. But most of the videos are good quality with good content. It all 8 months ago. If I delete those videos and reupload them, does my channel gets...
  3. N

    Is it Legal to buy a youtube channel?

    Are there any place or guidelines (preferably the support youtube website or any trustworthy website) where youtube says it is Legal to buy youtube channels from other people/creators? Was reading a thread and people said should buy channels from the same country you are located, so that's...
  4. seojen

    What you guys think of Speechelo for voice over?

    I've done my Google search for a decent voice over and I found speechelo . They have some video samples on their sales page that sound very good - what do you guys think of this service? I would love to hear from someone who has used it to create Youtube videos.
  5. R

    How is this channel monetized? No commentary, no face. Straight up UFC and WWE vids. UFC and WWE are the worst when it comes to copyrighted stuffs. They don't like their stuffs uploaded. I checked the monetization status of the channel and it's enabled. Did YT fail to catch this...
  6. goku786

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  7. ismaildemirkol4600

    Monetized Youtube Channel and Youtube Subscriber, Youtube Hours Views and Subscriber

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  8. corporatesolution

    Buy YouTube Monetized Channels - Earn Money With YouTube

    Buy Monetized YouTube Channel 100% Real Human Created Old and Aged No history of copyright or community strikes non hacked , non botted and cracked 100% real - for long time earning source Per Monetized Channel Price 250$ All channels have 1K+ subscribers Payment Method: BTC...
  9. MessyWile

    How i can turn back on monetization on my YoutTube channel?

    Hello guys. Do you have any idea how can I turn on monetization on this channel? Give me all suggestion that comes to your mind. Below is a screenshot of my channel. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
  10. Purabi108

    Why is not every YouTuber successful on YouTube?

    If you’re a YouTuber and you don’t have more subscribers than your nearest competitor, you need to start thinking about ways to grow your channel. Maybe you need to add more content. Maybe you need to find new ways to attract viewers. Whatever the case may be, there are a few things that all...
  11. B


    Buy Aged YouTube Account 2006-2013 with Livestream Feature Ready (4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers were achieved) Aged YouTube Channel 2006-2009: 50$/1 channel, 45$/10 channels Aged YouTube Channel 2010-2013: 45$/1 channel, 40$/10 channels Various types of channels: vlog, gaming, DIY...
  12. Kieu Minh Nhat

    Bulk Monetized Youtube Channel For Sale -


    Youtube channel growth question!

    I own a sports YouTube channel focusing on the NFL, the NBA, college football, and boxing. However, I recently started to post content on my city's local college football program. I don't know what happened, but I am getting more views covering that particular team than with any other sport I...
  14. BradyX

    Help! How to Get Initial Traction and Boost to Youtube Videos?

    Hello I have opened up a channel and regularly posting very high quality videos of 7+ minutes approximately However they are hardly getting any views. I have done very good on page seo with tags, titles, description everything in place. What can I do to boost up the process? Please advise!
  15. Ritchee

    The new channel vs old channel with no activity?

    If starting to make videos in a particular niche, what type of channel is best for starting? 1. Some channel that was already registered a couple of months ago, but without any activity. 2. A bought channel that has some number of subscribers, but the channel is dead. 3. Create a new channel and...
  16. BradyX

    How to Get Topic Ideas for Interesting Facts Based Channel on Youtube?

    Hello I will be starting am Interesting Facts Based Channel on Youtube Can you guys please share your ideas on what things to keep in mind while finding/ researching topics I largely want to focus on the quality of content Here are some points which I have made: Anything else you want to add...
  17. crystalwiz

    [HAF] Send 100 YouTube subscribers to my channel

    Hi, As I mentioned in my thread. But now I need someone to send only 100 subscribers to a YouTube channel. I will pay $5 in PayPal. I want to order the immediately. I don't care whether the subscribers are real or fake.
  18. K

    (Help Needed) Crypto Channel with 6k Subscribers but 100 views on new uploads

    Hi guys, we are a team of crypto enthusiasts on a quest to introduce and educate people in the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies through educational animated videos. A year ago we started our YouTube channel and things were looking good. We started gaining some views and subscribers but there...

    Journey to $20k for better and happy life

    Hi. I live in asian country and i'm 29 now I didn't thought about earning money seriously but lately i had some serious issues. I lived in very stressful state for 1year and now its getting even worse .All this because of some personal issues. I don't like to talk about them here...
  20. Gamezilla

    Want to start: YouTube Channel

    Hello BHW. I hope i posted this in the right section, If not I am sorry. For a few months i wanted to start a YouTube channel but never has the time or courage to do so. As I start to have some free time I want to fill it with something I like. The 2 main features that I love doing are...