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Twitter mass report service

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by jangofettbr, Apr 24, 2016.

  1. jangofettbr

    jangofettbr Newbie

    Nov 15, 2014
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    ~~forgive my english~~
    I'm looking a way to down a account on twitter. I gonna explain, my country is passing by turbulance, with a impeachment of a government that dominate the state for himself, they just monopolizes everything, except the security's institutions (military, etc). On that turbulance, we have professors, artists, journalists, that receive all the auxilium by that entite to defend a socialist ideology, the same of the parties that are on power right now. When somebody critics that twitters, they receive instant block for 11 days, the critics is just some print for example, post to show a conversation (on the twitter itself). I dont know how its possible, if they have a moderator or something. I already lost 3 friend's accounts with more that 20,000 followers, just because they critics that twitters, and I'm sick about it. Because of that, I'm finding a way to block that twitters too, and who knows, they stop to be a bunch of c*ks, but I'm don't understand so well of this, the only thing I can think, is a mass report by bots. If you can help me on this, I appreciate that, if you know something but don't want to post on public, pm me please. I can pay for the service. Ty
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