1. GeniusProxy

    [WTB] Twitter Mass Dm

    Hello, I'm looking for mass dm services. I scrap the usernames and provide a list that you have to dm. !When you pm me let me know your price and send me your BHW profil link! thanks Contacts : •Skype: live:.cid.d34e9bb83b804d2e •Telegram:
  2. MrWhite2018

    Guys what's the best software/service that will mass spin, upload, view, like, delete and reupload videos for you?

    My friend uses the crypto niche and would like to mass spin, upload, add views/likes from added accounts before, deleting and reuploading the same videos using X different new channels. I know the Blaster Suite software exists but I don't think it offers some of the mentioned features, such as...
  3. S

    Uploading Multiple Videos On Youtube

    Is there any Javascript code that can be run on the console for uploading videos to a monetized YouTube channel? Or can anyone modify this - It only works on non-monetized channels. You see, on monetized channels there are...
  4. P

    I need a mass texting to DM FB facebook messages.

    Hi. I want to do a mass mailing to Facebook posts. What are the solutions and how much does it cost? In what form do I need to provide the base for the mailing?
  5. TheBarbarian93

    Looking for Mass Video Creator for YouTube

    hi guys, here a example what i mean ... i do beats, i have 1 cover art and 100 beats. i whant to upload all 100 beats with the same cover art. is there any tool or option to create 100 videos with different sounds but with the same picture automaticly? best regards :)
  6. J

    NFT Project Looking For Marketing & Mass DMs

    Hello, I have a NFT project ready to go. The smart contract is live, website done, discord ready, social media posts lined up, as well as most influencers ready to go. I do have a discord DM bot, but I was looking for solutions for twitter and Instagram. If you can offer mass DMs on twitter...
  7. T

    MASS DM's Programm for INSTA

    Hi everyone, i've heard that some programs exist, which i can send 30k Dms per day with the "share profile" function. Can someone share this kind of program with me or can someone give me some hints? If here is anybody, who can code this kind of program, you can text me too. I could pay for it...
  8. M

    Need an Instagram Pva Manager

    Hello I don't know if you will understand correctly, I would need a tool to import all my Instagram accounts and make them do actions: like, comment, mention, follow. If I have 10,000 accounts I would like those 10,000 accounts to like a post if I ask them. What is the name of this kind of...
  9. M0805

    How to do instagram MASS DM

    Hi is there any method to send about 1000 or more DMs per day without get banned from instagram? Thanks
  10. kptpiotr

    [NEED] Telegram chat mass messages

    Hi! I want to buy messages sent to several Telegram public chats. I haven't found it anywhere on BHW, only mass DM services. I will provide You list of messages (no links, no media, just short messages for marketing purposes). Messages are look like the other in given chats, so you won't be...
  11. D

    Mass Emailing Questions

    Hello All, I started scraping IG emails and importing the lists into Klaviyo (I know stupid) and unfortunately got banned pretty quick. I did not even know it was illegal and still pretty new to the game. I was basically sending affiliate offers via email after scraping off IG. I am pretty...
  12. m4virus


    to much campaign , to much new services talking about their ability to offer you a massive sending inbox guarantee , but it's just a bullshit . i tried many services without any results . so anyone could help explain new method or just advice to how to avoid spam filter and targeting mass list ...
  13. B

    Twitter Bulk Accounts Following

    Hi, Is there a working twitter bot that can allow me to import 100+ account easily to follow specific users and retweet tweets from them? Are Jarvee or Tweet Attack Pros any good? I did some research and they seem do the job, but do they support mass account following? Or if anyone can...
  14. Mr webzr

    Looking for a mass review bot for yelp and facebook.

    Im looking to add some value to a few websites as we place ads for the holiday season. we haven't asked for many reviews over the years but would like to jump start sales and ask for more. A review bot cold help us do this. if you have any suggestions id appreciate it very much.
  15. Seagate44

    Instagram MASS promotion. Anyone could help?

    Hey, so I'm getting my clients through instagram; I try to do it slowly with good quality - I DM 200 people a day with 5 profiles, which I get response rate of about 50% of which about 20% are my potential customers. Then I make friends etc. put them on my prospect lists. The thing is there are...
  16. D

    So I have 8000 email addresses? Promoting Adult Niche

    Whats the best method to send a mass email promoting my adult niche tube? Is this advisable or a no go? I'm already doing the reupload method on 20 different accounts (limiting to 5 vids per account with watermarks) Suggestions please, does mailchimp like adult content?
  17. S

    My Journey With Jarvee Youtube Commenting

    So I want to start this off by saying I can not believe that nobody is talking about Jarvee via Youtube Commenting. I am quite a newbie to using tools like this but I have been looking on how to do this for a week and wanted to share my experience, then maybe get some help to finish up here...
  18. Mobrich24

    Want to hire Instagram tagging bot

    Hey so I am trying to find someone with a Instagram tagging bot and thousands of accounts. I need to tag in a post 1million followers on a popular celebrities account. How much would this cost and how soon can we do it?
  19. B

    Couple of MASS-Pages / SPAM-Sites Google Update?

    Hello Guys, we are running a bigger Amount of MASS-Pages or SPAM-Sites...(wording..) Are here any guys who run also a bigger Amount of these Type of Websites and had a Traffic Drop around the 27 February? We are in the German Market. Also we want to Grow in other Languages and we search some...
  20. babyglock

    Hiring Reliable Mass Newsletter Sender

    We have around 5,000,000 client emails but cannot send our newsletter out to all of them at a cost effective rate without getting flitered in spam filter regardless to the fact that the newsletter we are sending is not spam and is act complaint, not simply a cold email. Could any freelancer...
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