1. J

    My website is being played badly by my opponent by reporting DMCA

    In the last two days, my main website was sent a DMCA notice by a competitor using a satellite website with the content: "The article contains fake information about the Hoang Ha industrial generator brand that affects customers. Thanks to the google team to review and request deletion for us...
  2. Kadha

    Reddit Mass Report Bots?

    Do you guys know if there is a mass report tool for Reddit or any way to buy reports? I keep getting mass reports for no reason on my subreddit posts, and I suspect it's from other subreddit owners.
  3. sfic

    WTB: Organic mass report for Instagram

    We need to remove a fake personal account that was set up for the purpose of defamation. We have already tried a lawyer and official reporting. Instagram acknowledges the content may be illegal/defamatory but it is not their job to remove it. The target account has zero followers and zero posts...
  4. 0

    Flood report to get an account ban

    Hello, 2 year ago i was following a dude who was banning any twitter account he wanted im 90% sure that he was mass reporting theses accounts, I'd like to do the same. I have no idea where to start any idea ? What i need to know ? Maybe my guess is wrong and he is doing it otherwhise. Thank you

    Tools that give nice paid ad report?

    I'm looking for tools like semrush that gives nice report about paid ads. Any alternatives? Thanks
  6. C

    como creo un bot, proghrama que reporte cuentas masivamente i las elimine de instagram

    como creo un bot, proghrama que reportan cuentas masivamente i las eliminan de instagram
  7. dragonguy4

    Reported page

    Wouldn't it be great if there is a page to see our report on bhw? Just a simple table should suffice with reported content, report description, and status (submitted / resolved / rejected) As of right now, no way to know if the report have been submitted or not in the event of laggish...
  8. Dark Hat 007

    WordPress Speed Report Template

    (I hope this is the right section, and my question is not against BHW rules) After having my Fiverr account for over four months, I finally got my first gig. My job is to optimize a site's speed, I know how to do the technical part of this, but I have no idea how to present a report. So, my...
  9. curious_

    Looking for a service for mass reporting posts on platforms like мedium that violate the rules

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a service for reporting posts that violate rules on platforms like м Please advice but I think I need around 10 accounts, otherwise admins don’t take the reports seriously.
  10. N

    Looking for an in-depth SEO audit/action-plan for my site?

    Please provide sample work and previous reviews, thank you! Not looking and will not pay for generic advice.
  11. E

    How to remove instagram accounts with a aged one?

    Hey i read that it is possible to report and remove other instagram accounts with a aged one. I have a account from 2013 but i dont really know how to report and remove a account: I wanna remove the accounts of my school bullies. PLease help me. thank you.
  12. socialdude

    I will do Free Instagram audit for you

    Hey folks, I am new here but I have 6+ years of experience with Instagram so I thought I could offer Instagram audits for you to gain some reputation on this forum. As simple and transparent as that. What I can do for you: 1. Fake followers check. I will tell you the ratio of good quality...
  13. N

    Regulation required in post or thread report option

    I have 2 points 1) I have reported a few posts if it has any selling motive. But I do not know what kind of action was taken on that report. if you know what kind of action has been taken for the previous report means, next time as a member you can do proper action if you see the same kind of...
  14. yuvrajsinh89

    How can I create such customized report?

    Hi, here is what I want to do. Find organic traffic in Google Analytics from particular countries. For example the USA, UK, Australia Get a daily report of it on my email at the end of the day. I want that part to be automized. Is it possible? If so, how to do it?
  15. H

    Hi everybody

    I joined this forum because someone has created a slanderous page on Facebook and I wanted to take it down. It is really worrying me and I don't want it to continue. I reported it and sent a defamation report to Facebook, but nothing happened and I am really concerned. Can anybody help?
  16. jhakasseo

    [FREE] Moz On-Demand Crawl Report

    Hello Friends, It's time to giveaway something back to the community. I am giving away Moz On-Demand Crawl Report for first 10 People. People who dont know about what is Moz On-Demand Crawl, see this The requirements for this...
  17. S

    What if someone against BHW?

    I have a doubt, If someone posting content against of BHW TOS like abusing, selling Or if someone posting content in the wrong section Or if someone sending unrelated PM should I report it by clicking the report button. OR will moderators themselves find those on their own and take action?
  18. Mirkogiovannetti


    Dear, can anyone make me the backlinks report on a site please?
  19. L

    Need a report of my website

    Can some one please generate a keywords report of my website through aherfs Thank You
  20. mr.y

    SEO report pack - Get professional reports on your site and competitors|Only $14.99|30% DISCOUNT!

    Get professional SEO reports on your site, keyword, and competitors TLDR : Get four reports on your site and keyword, including site analysis, audience overlap with competitors, and keyword content success online for only 14.99. Use this link to get a 30% BHW discount: Buy at BHW price There...
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