1. Evgenio999

    How to create your own file hosting service?

    How to create your own file hosting service? I need to put a link to an EXE file on the site, but file hosting services often block the link. So I thought it was possible to create my own personal file hosting service and not install virus protection so that there would be no blocking? Tell me...
  2. S

    My domain got blocked in a certain country

    My domain got blocked in a certain country and I lost a lot of traffic :weep: I created a specific domain for the country that blocked my site, and when they visit my site, it redirects them to the other domain, and after about two or three days, I get blocked Please any help
  3. Bakidaki

    Can I block someone or only ignore?

    Is there an option to block someone on blackhatworld or only ignore?
  4. tazarbm

    Can someone help me with Regex code?

    Hi, I'm trying to make my Brave browser stop autoplaying youtube videos, and I thought that by blocking "" in the autoplay exceptions list (or whatever it's called, I don't remember) then all YT clips will stop being autoplayed. But, unfortunately, this only works if I left-mouse...
  5. PlusMein

    How you face with different bots or people that using the proxy or VPN on your website?

    Hi everyone, Really interesting question, and I guess pretty hard. We have several SaaS businesses, and pretty often, on one of our websites, we see that some users try to break the rules - push requests on the website, spam or try to get to the admin panel every time, or doing some other...
  6. P

    How Can I Get Around Proxy Blocks on website and Apps

    Hi Everyone Please is there a way to Get Around Proxy blocks on website and Apps, I have tried using residential proxy but it still detected I was under a proxy, I don't if it was a socks5 proxy, please give me some suggestions I should try. And are Elite proxies Real and Where can I buy...
  7. T

    My website was blocked at DNS level in India

    I have website which has been blocked at DNS level in India. It does appear in the google search, but as the DNS is not resolved when users click on it, I am not getting the hits. I don't want to redirect everyone to my new domain by giving 301. Hoping to change the url to the new domain in...
  8. K

    Facebook ADS massive blocks

    Hi, i'm Funchal and I use Facebook ADS in Brazil. I'm looking for a solution to end Facebook blocks. Accounts are active for 2 or 3 days. I already use the best strategies on the market to avoid this. Quiz and advertorial, but nothing works. Help! Plis
  9. ristoriel

    Blocked Snapchat Accounts

    Hey guys, I have 6-7 snapchat accounts which I login and log off always and post content manually but in last time I get always temporarily block by snapchat. To unblock I have to wait 24h? Do you know what I can do to solve this problem, always turn airplane mode on and off when I switch...
  10. K

    Instagram Block API actions?

    Hi does Instagram block daily actions from any bot'S (API) ? Like after 100 actions (follow, like comment)? Is that true??
  11. LandscapePhotographer

    Manual Blocks

    Is anyone else having trouble with manual blocks on IG? My account has about 9.5K followers, i have used followliker in the past. I pay a guy in India to do two hours work per day on my account. Liking and Commenting on hashtags that I give him. I make sure we are not logged in at the same...
  12. M

    Twitter Block my fresh new blog

    I create a blog with wordpress and buy a domain from namecheap. I posted my first article and share it on twitter. Suddenly, twitter said something went wrong. I go to inspect element then i got a message said "We can't complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or...
  13. Luksa998

    Instagram blocked my account for violating terms

    When i try to login on my instagram i get this message: "Error, Your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Learn how you may be abe to restore your accounts. " And when i go on learn more, i get this screen below is possible to recovery my instagram, and how, please help. Thank you...
  14. G

    Google Block 3rd party cookie tracking

    Hi All, I just read a few articles on google regarding Google will block 3rd party cookie tracking in 2 years' time. I have a concern whether there is any impact on Google ads or DBM retargeting campaigns by using the Floodlight pixels since Google will block 3rd party cookie tracking. Read...
  15. A

    Jarvee And Instagram comment tools

    Hello , So i used jarvee a few mounth whith proxy social media from highproxies , in jarvee i already used the comment tools but i have same issue the result is good , and when i brows to show i dont see the comment "Ghost Comment" by instagram same peopole using jarvee good tell me to i...
  16. A

    Looking for the best instagram growth services. Mother Child service.

    Hello, I’m looking to hire a provider or service for rapid Instagram growth though any means. Please message me directly or leave your S-k-y-p-e. I'm looking for a service of Mother / Child as well. I used to grow my accounts with jarvee but it's clearly not working anymore. Looking for the...
  17. N

    Different numbers in console and analytics, am I getting blocked?

    Two of my domains have had more than 50% dropped traffic in the last 2 days. I thought it may some kind of an indexing problem or some algorithm update, but nope. the search console numbers haven't dropped, but the coming traffic along with conversions is down more than 50%. I think many...
  18. V

    Changing profile

    Hello Guys. Can someone help me with my problem. Which program should i use to change profile on facebook and instagram. And I mean when I'm loging into some accounts i always need to click "log out" and then switch for other proxy and then again log in (fb and instagram is the same) but...
  19. ELG33ko

    News from Jarvee

    Hey fellow black hatters, For some of you using Jarvee, you've probably received this message yesterday : What do you guys think about it? Do the developers in here think the solutions sounds realistic and do you think the release in 2,3 weeks seem possible? Cheers
  20. 007accs

    Jarvee Instagram Settings - No More Blocks [AUG 2019]

    Another updated video from this guy check it and try it :). Also with the recent e-mail from jarvee I guess the automation on IG will be as it used to be 4 months back. Cheers.
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