Tv Series Site - My Plan. Any Help Or Advice? Your Thoughts?

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    Hi there people on BHW! right now i'm doing most of my income from listbuilding and affiliate marketing. But i'm always up for new methods, and like the therm "dont put all your eggs in one basket" that's why i want to get into a new market, and i'm a huge tv serie fan. So i thought it would be awesome to run a couple of sites from some specific tv series (supernatural, bones, Heroes) and what not. I already wrote down 20 ideas on how i could monetize such a site, Some whitehat, some greyhat, and some really really blackhat. Now, if i build a site around lets say supernatural. Then i would have to first download, then upload about 300 episodes :suspicious: and i dont wanna do that, so is there someking of method or script that other move sites gets there stuff from? or should i go with iframing other websites episodes xD? and should i go with content lockers? ads? or my epic membership script developed by myself (when user registers for my site, a password is generated for them to acces a special page i choose, and they will automaticly be entered into 2 cpa offers that converts for the advertiser when they signup :D?) thats a 100% 3 dollars per signup + my script also puts them in my email list so i can promote tv and movie software to them. I just dont know if i will be scaring off people by having them register before they can watch my tv series, and if it would be more profitable having them to just do a survey?
    i also got a few "invite friends to unlock" scripts on my hands which could be used, just what are your thoughts on this? anyone here owns a tv serie site?

    Also, what goes for SEO? should i just rewrite an write-up for each season of the serie, to get some unique content on the page? i do most of my pages in photoshop and slice them up, then edit in dreamweaver, is that bad for SEO?
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