1. Mampfred77

    What is the process of going viral?

    This might seem odd but I was curious to know the process of going viral. Does it take one hour to blow the video up to a million views? Or a video which has reached 700 views and nothing changed can that one suddenly go viral? Also how long would this process last. I am simply too curious.
  2. Mampfred77

    What are the ideal video statistics?

    Hi guys, I was wondering what standards you should be aiming for when posting a video. Should you aim for a average retention of over 50% or viewed to end percentage. Which metrics are Important and how much should you try and reach for a video to start to go viral.
  3. mrsmilyy

    Third party scheduling tools or scheduling posts hurt reach ?

    hy, does someone here use vistasocial, hootsuite or other tool like metricool to post schedule posting tiktok and youtube ? is this bad for reach and go viral ? i notice that i got less view ca, you confirm that ? what is the solution ? should let down this tools and manualy post all our videos...
  4. atthemoment

    Get me on the Instagram/IG explore page!

    Looking for someone who can get me onto the explore page with MANUAL/ORGANIC methods only! PM me your methods and pricing-!
  5. xxxisthis

    Broke the YouTube algorithm - 1+ billion views ( with silly dog videos ? )

    Same creator: First profile - 1.2 + billion views (190 videos) Second profile - 666k views (199 videos) Hey, I stumbled across the following YouTube channels while doing some research. It’s...
  6. gg11

    How many Tiktok shops can one registered business account on TikTok have?

    Is there a limit to the number of TikTok shops you can have under one registered business?
  7. Better_call_me

    The best tiktok CPA niche

    Most of you know me from spamming the OGADS chat every day. However, I have another occupation, which is learning the TikTok algorithm and finding ways to earn money on it without getting banned. In this guide, I will tell you how to identify the best niche on TikTok. What characteristics...
  8. louklonima

    Tiktok Trending Hashtags?

    Could any of you wonderful individuals assist me in developing an effective strategy for identifying popular hashtags that can greatly enhance my chances of achieving viral success on TikTok?
  9. fedo1

    A small guide to create killer clickbait in under 10mins!

    Hello, Yes, yes, you read the title correctly. I am going to teach you some simple and advanced formulas to create killer clickbait. No need to thank me. Actually, there is. If you find this post helpful, please give me a like and comment on how awesome I am. I really hate being called a...
  10. D

    What’s the best strategy to grow organically in 2023?

    Hi everyone, I have a fashion design IG account with 15k followers. Over the years I tried different services and strategies. The last one I used was in September 2022- the Mother- child strategy and it helped me grow from 10k to 15k but due to health problems I had to stop and I recently...
  11. E

    how can i replicate @stewiexclips’s viral reels success? need your advice!

    Hi everyone, I stumbled upon @stewiexclips account on instagram that makes meme reels and gets millions of views on every post. I’m wondering how he does it and what are his secrets to making viral reels. Do you have any thoughts or tips on how to copy his tactics? I have tried to make some...
  12. Lerroy17

    0 vievs

    Hey guys. I bought a channel that was created last year, went into it today, changed the name, photo and description. Then I uploaded my first video in a couple of minutes, added tags, seemed to do everything right. I ended up getting 0 views. What could be the problem. Firefox browser, home...
  13. mrsmilyy

    Delete video and repost it without affecting my acocunt ?

    hy, sometimes when i post my video still 10 view for all the day, and 2nd day, so i want to delete it and repost in another our i does this already and it work pretty, when i repost, i get more view on the video but i see some people tell to other never delete video in tiktok because your...
  14. Lerroy17

    TikTok AI video

    Hi guys. I have a question about the AI video. Posted a video on TikTok, where the AI voices the text and captures the face of the actor thereby imitating the face of a person. Text for dubbing I took from ChatGPT. But I faced with the problem that I have 0 views on such videos. Proxy is good...
  15. Porter.parter

    Looking for a specialist in organic (viral) traffic in Tik-Tok & Reels or Shorts

    I will write on behalf of our agency. We are an agency at OnlyFans, we promote models. From producing content to chatting and traffic. We have models from 0-7% on OnlyFans earnings We use a variety of traffic and marketing channels, now we are looking for a Tik-Tok & Reels & Shorts specialist...
  16. Junior the goon

    [JV] My Facebook Bonus Program (30k/m) + Your FB Viral Methods

    What's up everyone , I have a few pages with Facebook Performance bonuses ($30k max monthly) You get paid for Views, Likes, Shares, Comments, Video Views as well excluding FB stories/FB reels 70/30 split if you can help me max out one page then we i'll happily do 50/50 on my page(s) It...
  17. Benji1

    Does anyone know a Tool which finds viral pieces of Content?

    Can anyone recommend a tool to find recent videos that have gone viral on social media like Tiktok, instagram & facebook? As an example, the tool shows all viral videos from last 7 days on the topic of cats on Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram. Looking forward to your Reply! Greetings
  18. bitrexF

    Is this real?

    What you think? Is real or not and how the fuck is this made?
  19. E

    Viral TikTok Growth - Need your help

    The other day, I sat down with an old friend and was told stories about how there are warehouses filled with thousands of iPhones in China and other asian countries that farm TikTok engagement. They create fake accounts for you in bulk, repost your content, push your CTA, etc. Essentially, they...
  20. Y

    When Get YouTube Video Viral?

    Hello, How many views per hour to go viral on youtube?? Regards
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