content lock

  1. HenryObi

    Is There Any Content Locker For CrakRevenue

    Is there anyway to pair CraKRevenue links with a content locker? I noticed the platform doesn't have their own content locker. I'm getting clicks but no conversion whatsoever, I figured the best way is to use content/file/link locker. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Moneyvector

    Concerns Regarding User Experience on Content Locking CPA Offer

    Pls can anyone help me solve this, am only getting views and clicks like mad But no lead Recently i discovered it was my cpa offer that was at fault Upon signing up for the offer and attempting to unlock the locked content, my traffic is being forced to complete multiple registrations, which...
  3. luiselmayo

    Linkvertise and Admaven fell off

    The link shortener websites are becoming so shit those times, Linkvertise and Admaven are jokes. Users are accustomed to unlock content by staying passive, it's well known now that they don't actually have to "read an article" "allow notifications" or "download file". They just click on the...
  4. malikmajmudar

    Help me with CpaGrip i have an issue !!!

    Hello mates, i recently started using cpagrip content locker on one of my site. so simply it ask user to complete a offer to access the web content. so i tried this. but even the user complete the offer it doesn't give access to content and change the statues saying "complete the offer..."...
  5. Kadha

    Content Locker Help

    Hello guys I hope the Programming forum is the right option to post my question. (English ain't my first language) I have a Por* Website and I wanted to make a content locking page. I basically wanted a Content Locker that would look like this (MyLead): And when an offer would be completed...
  6. vsslvn

    TikTok Free Traffic Monetization with Ogads Content Locker (Journey)

    Hi BHW, I've been working with Ogads for a long period of time 7years+, and I have seen success in the past promoting on Youtube with Seo, some times with google ads too. I was making around 100$ to 1k$ per day. The past 2 years I stopped working Since I always wanted to do Ecommerce I wasted...
  7. Legba

    Content locker script with conversion postback support?

    Hey Colleagues, Could anyone advise if there's a (currently supported) script for CPA content locking? Content Lock PRO seems to be long gone, are there any worthy alternatives? Thanks.
  8. laurmat

    Best platform for a community?

    Hi guys! I plan to drive traffic from youtube to a community where I give free stuff through content lockers. Now, what’s the best way to keep that community organized without much headache? Options are email list, fb group, discord, telegram. Email list is not really an option due to low CTR, I...
  9. M

    From nothing to something else! The journey to Kebab!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since i lurk on this community, now it's my turn to post something and maybe help someone in the future. So first of all, thanks to all of you who share precious advise, knowledge and ressources! So here is the start of my journey in "trying to make some bucks...
  10. Y

    Content lock

    Hi guys! I've heard a lot about content lock, read forums, but still have some questions. Hope I can find some answers with you! :) 1. What is working better? I saw a lot of "Free Fortnite skins" and it is still the best in tier 1 (as far as I know). 2. What is working better with mobile...
  11. QuanticIT

    Lock an entire Page? How can I do that?

    CMS - WordPress I created a Page using Elementor free plugin. I want to lock the entire page. Only my clients can access them. I will give my clients a unique code. When they visit the page they will have to input the code to unlock the page content. the page content is simple blog. there...
  12. M

    Can not put my locker link in Java Script Template

    hello, i got some template based on java code . but I can not put the content locker code in exact place. is there anyone who can help me to find the line or tell me where should I put the link ? thanks in advance
  13. SuperS

    Looking for a free social content locker that works with elementor

    I want a plugin that allows me to lock a page, with the key to unlock being an FB like or a tweet. I've found one (Social locker). But it doesn't seem to work with elementor, or maybe the problem is that I created an independent page for the article instead of a post, not quite sure. I need it...
  14. Kacperhehe

    The Best CPA or Content Locker?

    Hi guys, i need a CPA or Content Locker 'idk' for my TIKTOK accounts I have domain and i can redirect the views to my page but idk what cpa / content locker use to have high earnings CPABuild / OGAds - my request was not approved LMAO
  15. DimCrack

    Content locking blackhat paid traffic?

    Hello guys, I'm fairly new to cpa, and for now I've only been using free traffic such as youtube. I have some money to invest in paid traffic, but I don't know anything. Can i make ads for blackhat niches (kinda like gamehacks, but it's not gamehacks) and will it work? Do you guys have any idea...
  16. Ankith K Shetty

    Best Courses for CPA?

    Hi, I am new to CPA and what to learn some things before marketing it. Can you recommend any course or study material that is awesome. Ecspecially, I am looking to start with content locking. Thanks comrades Over & out, Ank
  17. hazzi

    Facebook ads and content locking ?

    anyone ever had experience with it because no one seems to be talking about this anywhere. Also tips from experienced people would also be great.

    Content locker app download

    How to get app download and play offers in content locker? i have cpagrip. thanks
  19. F

    Best Content Locking Affiliate Network (Best Offers)

    Hi, which content locking affiliate network would you say is the best overall (offers, payout, locker creation...). I read through this forum that the old ones (ogads,cpagrip) aren't as good as they were few years ago..
  20. Ankith K Shetty

    Ask for email to play embedded video wordpress

    Hi there, I have a video embedded in my wordpress website and I want to collect emails if people want to play the video. My site is built in wordpress, is there any plugin that I can use?
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