[Tutorial] Setting up a FREE Instagram bot: instabot.py


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Apr 13, 2016
So you want to bot Instagram, but wouldn't like to throw hundreds of $$$ into the overpriced GUI tools that everyone on BHW seems to prefer? Worry no more! Vodkacola will help you spam the shit out of this social network, for FREE!
In this thread I will share the tool(s) I personally ended up using, and how to set them up, step by step.

What we will set up is an Amazon micro instance which runs these python scripts created by our lovely friend LevPasha: https://github.com/LevPasha/instabot.py

What features does this bot have?
-Follow by hashtags
-Like by hashtags
-Comment by hashtags
-Custom follow and like limits
-Unlimited account support
-Proxy support​

What using this bot requires?
-a PC
-Ability to read​

What using this bot does NOT require?
-Coding skills
-Paying monthly fees for a motherfucking computer program
-Paying for anything at all
-Clicking referral links from some bullshit BHW tutorial thread​

Setting up AWS Micro instance (optional):
In this part we will set up a server where the scripts can run when your computer or internet is turned off.
1: Register to Amazon Web Services as a free tier user: https://aws.amazon.com/free/
2: Set up billing alerts as instructed here: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/awsaccountbilling/latest/aboutv2/free-tier-alarms.html
3: Launch the virtual machine where you will run the bots, as instructed here: http://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/tutorials/launch-windows-vm/

Installing Python
Next you need to install Python either into your PC or the Amazon virtual machine you just set up. I'm not going to explain this myself, the internet is full of tutorials for this stuff!

Using instabot.py
1: Download instabot.py files: https://github.com/LevPasha/instabot.py/archive/master.zip
2: Extract the .zip to your desktop / porn folder / wherever
3: Locate the file called "example.py"
4: Right click
5: Open with notepad
6: Edit in your account info, tags, follow and like limits
7: Save as "opensourcebotsfuckyeah.py"
8: Run the file you just saved. If everything went right you should see a terminal like this:

9: Go outside and spend the money you just saved at a liquor store​
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ans settings you can do there like how often and frequent a following will be done ?
Awesome, Python and open source for the win! What modules are you using? Though I guess I could just take a look for myself.
I have follow liker, but I'm programming my own stuff now to replace it. No complaints, I just like getting my hands dirty and making things myself.
Not to mention the flexibility and footprint reduction that can only come from custom solutions.

I'm still working on my own stuff, but thanks for what looks like an awesome share!
keeps prompting
"Get media id by tag : tags-i-used"
Also getting error
"Except on get_media!"
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Here is my problem, please help!
nice share! some feedback on how to get better followbacks is if the bot can like 2-3 pictures of a user and then follow him. Program working nice tho!
ans settings you can do there like how often and frequent a following will be done ?
Yes, you can change the amount of daily follows, and the amount of hours per day in which it is active. The bot adjusts it's speed based on these two settings.
can it follow likers?
can it follow user's followers?
Followers yes, likers I'm not sure.
keeps prompting
"Get media id by tag : tags-i-used"
Also getting error
"Except on get_media!"
"get media id by tag"
This is normal, it just says the tag from which it will next like images and follow users.

"Except on get_media!"
Are you using blocked tags? I get this for NSFW tags that are censored by Instagram.

Here is my problem, please help!
Have you properly installed Python?
You can check that by opening cmd.exe and typing in python. You should see your python version number and a bunch of other info pop up.
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