Traffic in Exchange for Backlinks


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Jun 22, 2016
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Hey BHW,

I have a massive Pinterest page that gets 50-100 clicks per day.

I use it to drive traffic to my site the issue is I'm worried about getting my site banned by spamming my link so I need to diversify the links of my photos.

So here is what I have to offer. I will post or repin photos with your link on it for 7 days in exchange for a backlink.

Essentially, you will be trading a backlink for 400-1000 real unique visitors to your site.

If I don't deliver you can just take the link off so there is really no risk to you.

I do have a few requirements

First, you must be in the MMO/Wealth/Success niche.

Second, your site must have a DA: 15+ / TF: 15+

obviously there is nothing to prevent you from taking the link off after you get the traffic but I ask that you don't do that.