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Top mistakes that newbies make in Affiliate Marketing

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by felixmontez, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. felixmontez

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    Jul 14, 2015
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    Affiliate marketing industry is probably one of the top reliable money generators online. I've been in this industry for quite sometime now and I've seen literally hundreds and hundreds of newbies commit the same mistake and give up on their journey to earn a reliable passive income. I've compiled a list of most common mistakes that newbies make and hopefully this thread might help someone.

    1. Budget:

    I've seen countless threads not only here in BHW but several other forums as well, where most of the people want to start an affiliate marketing business with Zero budget and some got to an extent with a couple of hundred dollars. Sorry to say this, you need to have some budget to get things done. Money makes money. If you are short on cash, do some part time job, work in a gas station or maybe few pizza deliveries. If you can't move, then learn some technical skills or design tools and try to do some freelance work online. How bad do you want to achieve financial freedom? There are tonnes of avenues that you'd know better. Just save the money. Put it in the bank and promise yourself not to spend it elsewhere. No Xbox. No fancy iPhone. Just save/earn the money as much as possible. If you think this is crap, then you can stop reading this thread right now and may go ahead with whatever you were doing before...reading other's success stories, maybe.

    I've been there in the same situation few years ago. I've been trying all sorts of free methods but it just doesn't work. Might work for a day or two but you can't really "Retire". so, the key takeaway if you are still reading this, is to allocate a budget. Ideal budget is $1000 to $3000. Don't waste your time in affiliate marketing without a budget. There are some upfront costs involved and you'd need money to build traffic later as well. You have to reach your goal. So get this thing sorted out first.

    2. No Action. Only reading?

    It's true for most of us. We all want to read other's success stories. But truly, the biggest challenge is getting things executed. In my experience, I've seen people trying to setup the site, build content, build links and by the time hardcore traffic building effort is required, they get too tired or there's no motivation in terms of money and they quit. This is the reality. Everybody wants to talk but only a few want to do. Stop sharing "I can't do anything. I'm broke" kinda stories with everyone you meet in this planet. Absolutely no way anyone could go broke by working hard. So stop wasting your time by blaming yourself and get to workout a plan. Take some action. Launch campaigns. Get the ball rolling. Don't be scared to lose.

    3. Overcoming losses:
    It's a natural human intention to not accept failure, losses. If a $50 campaign bites dust and gives you nothing in return, the whole psychological mind voices tend to create negativity. That's the reason I mentioned in the first point - Get a job. Don't depend on Affiliate marketing for your bread atleast in the beginning. Affiliate marketing takes time to really fire all cylinders. You should have a side job until affiliate marketing begins to earn decent money - Consistently. Don't pressurize your Affiliate Marketing business to earn your day for tomorrow. That'll only end up with a broken heart in most instances and will force you to quit prematurely. Lets not make that happen. If you have $2000 in the bank then a campaign's loss of $50 may not hurt you. That same campaign with a little more tweaks could earn you a lot of money in the next few days. So, be prepared to face losses. It's part of the game.

    4. Traffic sources:
    This is one the prime source that kicks most affiliates out of business. When it comes to building traffic, there is absolutely no magic source available. So stop waiting for someone to reveal it. You need to take action and focus. Don't market every available product. Instead pickup a real micro niche and stay focused. The more information you feed your brain about a niche, the master you'll become in just few months. If you're focusing on one traffic source, ensure you learn everything out of it before switching to other. Many people have lost a lot of money by just switching between traffic sources and end of the day they learn nothing. I've seen this over and over again with my clients. They instruct me to switch to various different traffic sources without letting the campaigns run even for a week. Stop buying traffic. It is of no use. Most of the Affiliate campaigns are CPA offers. Amazon Associate program needs the traffic you send them to really buy stuff. All these cheap traffic packages may work for CPM but the arbitrage oppurtunities are very rare. If you want to earn real money then stop purchasing traffic from vendors. Instead focus on Ads or Earned media traffic.

    5. A/B Testing:
    There are several variables attached to each campaign. The Ad Text, Images, landing page structure, The value on offer, Testing various countries' traffic.. the list is almost endless. Keep testing various versions. start developing a system. start testing various versions of ads.

    6. Networking:
    Affiliate marketing is an immensely competitive world. There's a lot of people doing stuff. It becomes tougher if you want to learn everything alone. I'd suggest to begin networking with other Affiliate marketers. You can find several of them here in BHW, in other forums as well. Just get connected with them and ask. You never know where you could pick up the next golden nugget. Not many people blog their methods but would happily reveal if you reach out. Go ahead and ask. There'll be some who'd have a bit of attitude problem. Just ignore them and move on. Offer your skill for free in return for those who help, such as a logo or a content or maybe even a website development work. Nothing's free.

    I understand it is tough to be a newbie. But just avoid the mistakes mentioned above and believe that there's no replacement for hard work. The Affiliate marketing world is real and the payouts are really worth, if done right.

    See you soon at the top.

    Your friend,
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    Its right i accept this.